15 Ideas to Help You Recruit, Enroll, Educate and Place Generation Z

By Theresa Miulli, Consultant and Keynote Speaker, T.M. Speaks
As we turn into 2020, a new generation is emerging into our classrooms, Generation Z. Miulli writes about some need to know things concerning Generation Z, and how you can adapt to reach them in the admissions process, education space, and even in placement initiatives.

How an Online Culinary Educator Engages Staff and Students, Builds Community, And Provides Effective Education

Change is Inevitable … Embrace it!

By John King, Ed.D.
Life is a constant cycle of change. We have two choices. We can fight change and remain static and unproductive, or we can embrace change and grow and prosper. Higher education is experiencing a tremendous period of change and now more than ever leaders need a process to successfully navigate through this change.

COVID-19 Is Making it Clear that College Students Are, In Fact, Customers