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Zenith’s Interim President Leads With an Open Door

CER Interview With Troy A. Stovall, Interim President, Zenith Education Group
Q: Tell our readers a little about your background. A: I was blessed to have a mom — a single mom — who put education first for my sister and me. As a result, I had the good fortune of attending some fine institutions and earning degrees that have opened many doors for me.

What Academic Leaders Should Learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic

People Before Vision

By David J. Waldron, Author, Speaker, and Advisor on Organizational Effectiveness
This is an excerpt from David Waldron’s forthcoming book, “A Great Place to Learn & Earn - An Organizational Effectiveness Model for Private Sector Education.” Reprinted with permission of David Waldron. In his seminal book, “Good to Great” (Harper Business) Jim Collins and his research team studied organizations that had transformed from merely good companies to great, legendary enterprises.

What Academic Leaders Should Learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Celebrating Fifty Years: How a Vision of Career Education Became a University

Written from an interview with Dr. Henry Herzing, Co-Founder, Former President and Chancellor Emeritus, Herzing University and Renee Herzing, President and CEO, Herzing University
Herzing University currently encompasses 11 campuses in eight states, a continuing education division, an online division and approximately 6,000 students. The school’s academic reach is evolving. It currently offers Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Associate’s degrees in technology, business, healthcare, design, and public safety.

What Academic Leaders Should Learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Why Structure a College or University as an L3C?

By Robert Lang, CEO, Americans for Community Development
The President and CEO of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, Steve Gunderson, has been a longtime colleague and friend. While he will admit to having advocated for the L3C concept during his previous leadership role at the Council On Foundations, he has also shared with me that his current purpose is not to promote one corporate structure over another.

The Changing Landscape of the 90/10 Rule