Unitek College Students and Instructors Love Mobile Application for Attendance

By Ena Hull, Sr. Vice President of Student Financial Services and Title IV Compliance, Unitek College
Unitek College deployed a mobile phone application in the classroom for tracking and automating student attendance. Learn about the student and instructor experience including the data revealed through attendance automation and the improvements in student classroom engagement.

New OSHA Rules for Vaccination in the Workplace

What Does the new Revenue Recognition Accounting Standard Mean for Your Institution?

By Jennifer L. DeBor, CPA, Audit Manager, McClintock & Associates, P.C.
The crux of the standard is that the recognition of revenue should represent the amount an entity (institution) is expected to receive for the transfer of its promised goods or services (education) to the customer (student). The standard requires an institution to apply a five-step process to an entity’s contracts with its customers.

PPP Loans and HEERF Grants: A Guide to Accounting, Reporting and Composite Score Considerations

Grassroots Campaign Brings Awareness to Careers in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

By Lynelle Lynch, President and Owner, Bellus Academy and President, Beauty Changes Lives Foundation
The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation and International Spa Association’s (ISPA) joined together to raise awareness of job vacancies in the spa and salon sector. The Get Your Dream Job campaign is bringing together professionals to share their career journey, including why they LOVE their job and encouraging their clients to explore the tremendous career opportunities available only to those who attend beauty school.

A New Strategic Approach to Coaching is Helping Admissions Teams Overcome Post-Pandemic Challenges