Hidden Requirements for Calculating Graduate Employment

By Bryan M. Westhoff, Shareholder, Polsinelli PC
How do state and federal prosecutors use consent orders to enforce new rules for the way that propriety schools calculate their graduate employment rates? In the absence of any uniform rules for calculating graduate employment rates, many state and federal prosecutors have adopted their own views about which students schools can count as “employed.”

A Roadmap to Compliance with the New Title IX Rule

Digital Natives – What Makes Them Tick?

By Lisa Olmedo, Vice President of Client Relations, Gragg Advertising
In this article you will discover the true differences between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants. By defining the differences, understanding their thought process and recognizing what is truly important to Digital Natives you can start to connect with them and finally communicate productively.

Spend More Time, Not Money on Your Core Marketing

Keeping the Legacy Alive: How a Grandmother’s Dream and a Mother’s Mission Became a Son’s Fulfilling Career

Interview with Mitchell Fuerst, President, Success Education Colleges
Mitchell Fuerst, president of Success Education Colleges, talks candidly about how the schools began with his grandmother’s vision, was fulfilled by his mother’s hard work and continued through his commitment to family-oriented ideals and the core value of students first.

Well-Being During Crisis: Taking Care of People in Organizations

Ultimate Medical Academy’s First Virtual Career Fair Will Build on the Success of UMA’s Recent Virtual Open Houses

By Julene Robinson, Vice Provost of Programs & Academic Affairs, Ultimate Medical Academy
Building on the success of four recent virtual open houses, Ultimate Medical Academy will host its first virtual career fair on April 20. The virtual open houses are aimed at increasing awareness of UMA and its programs as well as building relationships with potential new students interested in healthcare careers.

Reclaiming the High School Market – What Professional School Counselors Want you to Know