Beyond the Classroom: Preparing for the Future

By Nancy L. Jones, Senior Director of Student Affairs, Graham Nott, Vice President – Academic Affairs and Koula Foura, Student Affairs Manager, Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.
Concorde Career Colleges found in talking to employers that they were struggling to find employees who not only possessed the knowledge to do the job but also had the soft skills necessary to succeed. Concorde recognized this challenge and took steps to further developed soft skills delivery within their curriculum.

Working with Workforce Development

Survival of the Fittest: Consumer Satisfaction Focus Will Help Career Colleges Survive

Interview with Dr. Richard Vedder, Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus, Ohio University
Economist and professor Dr. Richard Vedder believes the career college sector will survive if it keeps its customer satisfaction focus, but recommends schools reach out more to educate politicians.

Lincoln Educational Services Team Rallies Together to Continue Delivering Education to Students

Who Will Survive the Downsizing of Higher Education?

By Wallace K. Pond, Ph.D., President, Khawarizmi International College and CEO, Khawarizmi Holding Company
It is true that some number, and maybe a large number, of institutions will not survive the next ten to twenty years and fewer still will truly thrive. Fortunately, there is an emerging model for both surviving and thriving, which a growing number of enlightened colleges and universities are slowly adopting.

Maybe Clayton Christensen Was Right … Disruption is Coming to Higher Education