Bridging the Admissions-Marketing Divide

By Robert M. Keiser, M.B.A., Executive Director, Southeastern College/Southeastern Institute
It is common knowledge that for an institution’s population to grow, admissions and marketing strategies have to work in unison. Robert Keiser discusses the root causes of departmental grievances and how to create a more collaborative environment between departments.

A New Strategic Approach to Coaching is Helping Admissions Teams Overcome Post-Pandemic Challenges

Campus Impossible

By Jeff Akens, Divisional Director of Operations, Success Education Colleges
In the Travel Channel’s show “Hotel Impossible,” host Anthony Melchiorri helps inexperienced hotel owners save their struggling properties by improving in five key areas. In Campus Impossible, Jeff Akens will bring his 25 years of operational experience to show how career college campuses can improve by focusing on the same five areas.

Humanity in Our Hands: Educators Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Career Education

By Michelle Donovan, Partner and Diane Byun, Diversity Fellow, Duane Morris LLP
In a world of daily digital interactions, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) offers individuals in the European Union (EU) more control on the collection, disclosure, and use of their personal data, both within and beyond EU borders. Any career education institution in the United States (US) that processes or collects personal data relating to covered individuals may be subject to GDPR compliance, regardless of physical EU presence.

Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on Affordability and Student Loans – Session One

Growing Your High School Population – Insights from the Counselor’s Office

By Shannon Gormley, Licensed School Counselor, Tinley Park High School and Executive Director, Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP)
This article reveals the opportunities that lie ahead for admissions professionals in career colleges and community colleges to create meaningful partnerships with high school counselors, and make a lasting impact on student outcomes.

A New Strategic Approach to Coaching is Helping Admissions Teams Overcome Post-Pandemic Challenges