Generation T Aims to Shift the Societal Perception of the Trades

Written from an interview with Nick Gomez, President, San Joaquin Valley College (SJVC) and Michael Mitchell, Trade Skills and Learning Innovation, Lowe’s Home Improvement
Lowe’s Home Improvement and more than 60 companies, including San Joaquin Valley College, are working together to change the perception of skilled trades. The movement, called Generation T, has three goals: to demonstrate the economic mobility possible with skilled trade jobs, to expose children to trade education early and to encourage students to explore career options beyond four-year degree programs.

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Placement Rate Misrepresentation – Background, Analysis and Prevention

By Elizabeth Keifer Herron, VP - Solutions & Sales, Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions (CARS)
Accurate and verifiable graduation and placement rates are critical to an institution’s survival. An inability to substantiate reported rates could lead to the institution’s demise.

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