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Read testimonials of Career Education Leaders and find out why they value Career Education Review!

Tony Palmieri

Tony Palmieri, President, Valley College

As a higher education leader, I rely on Career Education Review for admission and marketing trends, information on regulatory matters, best practices and operational insight. For me it has and continues to be an extremely valuable resource. 

Fred Freedman

Fred Freedman, President/CEO, Pima Medical Institute

There has never been a more important time to stay informed, learn from sector experts and be involved than right now. Career Education Review is there month in and month out for our entire leadership team. Many articles are shared with staff and discussed in meetings. We find the variety of subjects incredibly helpful in maintaining a sector wide perspective. Trend spotting becomes significantly more efficient when CER does the work. 

testimonial english

Joel English, Vice President, Centura College/Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Career Education Review has become my daily dashboard for what’s going on in and around the career education sector. From press releases, to daily news, to the calendar of events for our sector, I’m able to stay current with a quick glance at CER’s daily update. Whether the news is good or bad, ugly or beautiful, I need my daily briefing – whether I like what I’m reading or not. And CER brings it to me quickly, formats for efficiency, and lets me dig deeper when I need to know more.

Jeanne Herrmann

Jeanne Herrmann, Chief Executive Officer, Broadview University

As we review purchases during leaner times, we are looking to differentiate between “nice to have” and “need to have.” Our campus leaders definitely identified Career Education Review as a need to have resource. Not only does the publication add value through timely and relevant articles aimed at improved outcomes, for the student and the institution, but having access to the daily news emails Jenny manages to curate and share, provides sector specific news that increases knowledge and awareness on a daily basis.

testimonial schumacher

Lawrence Schumacher, President, Northwestern College, Illinois

Career Education Review has been a constant resource of mine for years! As President of a privately owned and operated higher education institution in the Chicagoland area, I have grown to rely on it each month to let me know what’s going on in the higher education sector. With new government regulations popping up faster than we can keep up with, I count on the articles in each issue to contain the most factually accurate information to answer my questions and provide general guidance. The fact that it contains materials written by education and government experts provides me with sufficient basis to rely on it for insight so that I can make reasoned decisions on institutional policy and operations. Now, having the CER daily news delivered online to me every morning has also been an extreme asset – that and my coffee are the only way I can start my day! Thanks for being part of our higher education team, Career Education Review!

Andrew High

Andrew High, COO, West Coast Ultrasound Institute

I love the publication. I often send snippets out to our staff and it has been a valuable learning resource for our school. The sector-wide focus of CER forces me to think strategically and focus on large scale sector changes and adopt our strategies/structures to address external sector trends.

Shahrooz Roohparvar

Shahrooz Roohparvar, MBA, CFO, Milan Institute and Milan Institute of Cosmetology

The Career Education Review is a publication we value in the management of our schools. They do an amazing job keeping everyone up to date on sector trends and new innovations. The articles are shared and discussed regularly for implementation into our own best practices as well.


David Pauldine

Congrats on the effectiveness of the electronic version of CER. The launch was a big step forward and since then the e-version has only gotten better. We now have the ability to quickly call up prior articles, search by topic or by date and most importantly, quickly access highly relevant news content. First class all the way around!

Gary Meers, Education Advisor, MaxKnowledge, Inc.

The Career Education Review is valuable part of my preparation when consulting with career schools. CER keeps me informed about the most recent trends, regulations, and developments in the career college industry. Having this information helps me to assist the schools I am working with to make needed changes and adapt to shifts in the sector. In today’s environment it is essential to remain well informed and CER is the instrument through which needed information flows.

Henry Herzing, Ph.D.(hc), MBA, MSEE, President, Herzing College, Co-Founder and Chancellor Emeritus, Herzing University

Career Education Review is the real thing – information on career schools and programs assembled and written by individuals who have lived and know the sector. It is a vital source of important information anyone involved in career education needs to have.