Audio Transcription and Postsecondary Education

By Jason Vernier, New Business Director, IntegriShield
Since the education sector is highly regulated, it is vitally important that admissions representatives accurately provide information without making promises of employment, salary or scholarships. Audio transcription and modeling offers an effective way for schools to identify and address issues across many areas of the school.

Fall 2020 Postsecondary Enrollments: Down, but Maybe Not as Bad as Expected

Unfair Application of “The LeBlanc Method”

By The Consumer Action for a Strong Economy
Emulating the behavior of a monopoly, the education establishment has employed every tool at its disposal to limit and thwart career colleges. Employing allies in government and the courts, they rely on an unfair double standard to prevent students from seeking the opportunities career colleges offer.

Data Shows Career Colleges Fare Well When Compared to Public and Nonprofit Sectors

Summarizing HEERF2 Application and Implementation Provisions

By Michael T. Wherry, CPA, McClintock & Associates
On Jan. 14, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) released instructions to access and key provisions to utilize the new round of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, which was included in the recently passed Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA). This summary focuses on key provisions related to the utilization and compliance related to the grants, along with M&A’s commentary in italics.

HEERF Audit Guide for Proprietary Institutions: Key Takeaways

2021 Web Trends and Their Impact on Business

By Doug Perez, Professor of Data Science, University of Advancing Technology
The year 2020 was a time of profound change throughout the world, and it brought a range of adaptations people have made to adjust to the new normal. This article describes some of the trends we can look forward to in 2021 and how they impact the way we do business.

Data Shows Career Colleges Fare Well When Compared to Public and Nonprofit Sectors

CARES Act Implementation: HEERF Funds Usage and Impact & Distance Education Best Practices

By Hanover Research, prepared for Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)
A Career Education Colleges and Universities study shows that Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds had a positive impact on instruction, the student experience and student success. Additionally, Hanover Research conducted in-depth interviews with 15 leaders of career and technical colleges to develop some best practices for distance education.

HEERF Audit Guide for Proprietary Institutions: Key Takeaways