Emerging Competing Training Models: Opportunities and Challenges for Career Colleges

By Stanley A. Freeman and Sean T. Beller, Education Attorneys, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC, Washington, D.C.
As career colleges innovate and expand their operations in the midst of market disruption, their strategic planning should include a focus on competing business models and the challenges and opportunities that they present. This article discusses some of the steps that colleges are taking to keep current in today’s postsecondary education world.

Successful Transition to Online Learning Amid a Pandemic

Dos and Don’ts to Achieve Student Success in Today’s Higher Education Landscape

By Jason Pistillo, President, University of Advancing Technology
The higher education sector is at a critical moment in history. After spending more than 20 years in higher education, I’ve developed a couple of do’s and don’ts for proprietary school owners to keep top-of-mind with regards to technology and student success.

Blockchain: Potential Opportunities for Career Colleges

Soderberg on Hiring and Cultivating Strong Teams: Be Humble, Hungry and Smart

Interview with Melissa J. Soderberg, President, Quest Education and Career Quest Learning Centers
Melissa Soderberg, President of Quest Education and Career Quest Learning Centers, describes her unique journey to her current position, the talent and culture that is cultivated at Career Quest and how Career Quest is a stellar choice for a higher education school in the Michigan area.

New CECU President Hopes to Give Career College Sector a Voice in Biden Administration

Woz U’s President: ‘Agility is at the Forefront of What we do’

Interview with Chris Coleman, President, Woz U
Woz U launched in October 2017 with a goal to make technology-based programs more available, more affordable and more effective for as many students as possible. To do that, the company is working to add partnerships that will bring programs to more students, regardless of their location, economic status or age.

Blockchain: Potential Opportunities for Career Colleges

Pima Medical Institute and East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) Create a Collaborative Partnership that Benefits Phoenix Area High School Students

By Jen Spurlin, Corporate Director of Education, Pima Medical Institute
Pima Medical Institute has announced a new partnership with the Health Sciences Division of the East Valley Institute of Technology to provide high school students a clear pathway to higher education.

Remote Teaching –Thriving or Surviving?