The Future of Career Education

By Wallace K. Pond, Ph.D.
Institutions that find a way to offer shorter, cheaper, high quality programs and credentials that lead directly to good employment opportunities, will be in high demand over the next several years as we work our way out of an economic depression and transition to the next normal in post-secondary education.

Veteran Alumni Report Positive Experiences at Proprietary Institutions According to New Survey

CECU Taskforce Releases New Guide Designed for Educational Marketing

By Mitch Talenfeld, CEO, MDT Marketing
Compliance & Best Practices in Student Inquiry Generation: A Guide for Schools was released with the sincere desire that institutions will build or update their existing third-party lead generator processes accordingly to ensure marketing messages are honest, easy-to-understand and compliant with education and marketing laws.

To Understand the Future, We Must Study the Past

Combating Isolation and Loneliness in the Age of COVID-19

By Mireidy Fernandez, PsyD, Adjunct Faculty, Florida National University
Dr. Fernandez discusses how isolation, detachment and loneliness as a result of social distancing have taken center stage during COVID-19. The article explains this scenario and offers helpful techniques to overcome those feelings, which for some individuals often run parallel with anxiety and depression.

Veteran Alumni Report Positive Experiences at Proprietary Institutions According to New Survey

FSA to Launch Campus Cybersecurity Program and New Cybersecurity Standards

By Michelle Donovan, Partner, Duane Morris LLP.
The Department has announced that it is finalizing a Campus Cybersecurity Program framework and has outlined a multi-year implementation plan that includes near-term, intermediate-term and long-term goals, starting with a self-assessment program to understand the community’s readiness to comply with NIST 800–171.

New OSHA Rules for Vaccination in the Workplace

Department Sacrifices Access by Minority Students in Order to Settle an Old Score

By Anthony S. Bieda and Tom Wickenden
The demise of ACICS would simultaneously terminate education finance for thousands of students seeking a chance at economic stability and domestic sustainability and could lead to the closure of dozens of career colleges which provide an educational opportunity for millions of students of color, say Bieda and Wickenden.

Musings of an Educational Entrepreneur