The New Lease Standard – The Perfect Storm for Failing the Composite Score Ratio

By Michael T. Wherry, CPA, Director/Shareholder and Ted Blendermann, CPA Director/Shareholder, McClintock & Associates, PC
While news stories over the past few years related to the postsecondary school sector have focused on compliance regulations, admissions processes, outcomes, and student debt, a new accounting standard set to take effect in a couple of years will have a significant impact on the U.S. Department of Education’s annual composite score ratio. As is normally the case, the potential effect on all postsecondary institutions is detrimental.

The New Audit Guide and What we Learned

MAPCS Goes Regional

By James (Jim) A. Bologa, President and Chief Executive Officer, Porter and Chester Institute and YTI Career Institute
The purpose of this article is to share what MAPCS went through to form a regional state association and to inform other private career school state associations of the benefits and challenges associated with this process.

Edwards: ACICS Continues to Operate as a Fully Functioning Accrediting Agency

How Accommodating is Your College?

By Darren K. Sharp, Partner, Co-leader of the Higher Education Industry Team, Armstrong Teasdale
College students with disabilities are afforded legal rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (§504), including the right to seek reasonable accommodations from their schools to participate and succeed in their academic careers. This article addresses the more common legal accommodations provided under applicable federal statutes.

The Resurrection of the Obama-Era Borrower Defense to Repayment Rule

PAPSA/CSPEN Survey Finds That ACICS-Accredited School’s Still Hope for More Time and Support in Transition Process

By Tom Netting, Co-Executive Director, CSPEN and Aaron Shenck, Executive Director, PAPSA
PAPSA and CSPEN collaborated on the circulation of an anonymous survey seeking additional information and a status report on where ACICS-accredited schools are in the process of transitioning from ACICS to a different accrediting agency or agencies. This article discusses those results.

Edwards: ACICS Continues to Operate as a Fully Functioning Accrediting Agency