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Northwestern College hosted its first career fair for part-time jobs

[Bridgeview, IL] Northwestern College understands that today’s college student has more to juggle than just homework, tests, quizzes and papers. The majority of its students also have children to care for, households to run, and bills to pay. In order to assist them with those responsibilities, thereby enhancing their ability to complete their programs and More Info »

Inclusive Access: Is it the Answer to Course Materials Accessibility and Affordability Challenges?

By Bruce Schneider, Vice President of Business Engineering, Ambassador Education Solutions
Whether the challenge is accessibility or affordability or both, schools around the country are taking a hard look at their course materials programs and seeking innovative models that put the right materials in students’ hands, the right way and at the right price. Enter: Inclusive Access.


We Invited Our Marketing Agency to Our Annual Planning. Here’s Why You Should Too.

By Charlie Buehler, Vice President of Marketing, Broadview Education Consortium
Broadview Education Consortium needed to think differently as they prepared for their annual planning meeting. They decided to take the bold step of inviting their outside marketing agency to attend and participate – the result was amazing.

Fostering a Culture of Collective Security

ECPI University Becomes one of the First Universities to Issue Degrees Digitally

Written by Barbara A. Schmitz from an interview with Jeff Arthur, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Chief Information Officer, ECPI University
ECPI University became one of the first universities in the nation to issue degrees digitally, providing secure, immediate verification to prospective employers and others. ECPI University’s Jeff Arthur predicts the technology will be “a revolutionary game-changer for higher education by putting ownership of student records into the hands of students.”

Inclusive Access: Is it the Answer to Course Materials Accessibility and Affordability Challenges?