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Alexander: Finish Fixing the FAFSA — This Year

“After nearly seven years of work on these issues, it boils down to this: It makes no sense to make it this complicated to apply for federal aid for college. It makes no sense to discourage the very students Congress wants to encourage to attend college and benefit from federal financial aid…The right time to More Info »

Washington News Brief

By Sharon H. Bob, Ph.D., Higher Education Specialist, Powers Pyles Sutter and Verville, PC
The following Washington career college news brief is a summary of important higher education news originating from Washington D.C.

Motivating Your Remote Workforce While Maintaining Compliance

By Elizabeth Keifer Herron, VP Solutions and Sales, Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions (CARS)
The COVID-19 pandemic forced institutions to shift to remote work overnight. Even with a return to on-site work for some, institutions must adapt motivational techniques to support the blended workforce and expand compliance beyond higher education.


Immediate Steps to Set Up for Virtual Admissions

By Gregg Meiklejohn, Co-Founder/CEO, and Tom King, SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Enrollment Resources
As many schools rapidly shift to online operations in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Admissions teams are struggling to be effective when in-person interviews are not possible. Virtual Admissions will mitigate the current disruption and also become the new normal when the dust settles.

Don’t Sound the Death Knell for Colleges—They’ll Bounce Back – Real Clear Education