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Why should you advertise in Career Education Review? CER gives you the opportunity to reach hundreds of CEOs, presidents, owners and other top management leaders in the career education sector monthly. A majority of our subscribers are decision makers, 81% are CEOs, COOs, presidents, and vice presidents.

For suppliers of the career college sector, CER is essential for reaching top management.

Print Advertising 

* These ads are for 1 year. The prices listed are the total price for all 12 ads.

Type of Ad Size Subscriber Price Non-Subscriber Price
Supplier Directory Listing Text $165 $190
1/3 Page Ad 3.625”W x 5”H $920 $1,058
1/2 Page Ad 3.625”W x 7.75”H or
7.5”W x 4”H
$1287 $1480
Full Page Ad 7.5”W x 7.75”H $2723 $3131

Additional Print Advertising Benefits:

  1. Free Digital Supplier Directory listing – available to all current print advertisers
  2. Free logo and short description in Digital Supplier Directory – available to all advertisers with 1/3-page ad or bigger ad
  3. Free promotion in the CER Daily News emails – available to all advertisers with a full-page ad


Additional Print Advertising Opportunities

*These prices are per ad. Inserts have an additional insertion fee that is not included in the listed price.

Type of Ad Size 1 Ad 3 Ads 6 Ads
Full Page Inside Cover (b&w) 7”W x 9”H $1,650 $1,550 per ad $1,450 per ad
Full Page Back Cover (b&w) 7”W x 9”H $1,375 $1,275 per ad $1,175 per ad
Full Page Inside Back Cover (b&w) 7”W x 9”H $1,175 $1,075 per ad $975 per ad
Loose Insert (4/c, 2-sided)* 8.5”W x 11”H $960 $910 per ad $860 per ad
Bound-In Insert (4/c, 2-sided)* 8.5”W x 11”H $1,150 $1,000 per ad $950 per ad

Don’t Let Your Competitors Corner the Market

Call us today at 920-264-0199 or email us at jfaubert@careereducationreview.net to advertise with CER!


Jan. Issue – Deadline Dec. 22
Feb. Issue – Deadline Jan. 17
March Issue – Deadline Feb. 19
April Issue – Deadline March 21
May Issue – Deadline April 18
June Issue – Deadline May 21
July Issue – Deadline June 20
Aug. Issue – Deadline July 23
Sept. Issue – Deadline Aug. 21
Oct. Issue – Deadline Sept. 21
Nov. Issue – Deadline Oct. 22
Dec. Issue – Deadline Nov. 19