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Managing the Move – Keeping a Deal and School Operations on Track

By LeeAnn Rohmann, President/CEO, Legacy Education, LLC, Scott Haid, Partner, Weworski & Associates and Ron Holt, Lawyer, Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile & Rhodes
For the school owner who begins to contemplate an exit, the adventure begins with the effort to identify possible scenarios. Given what is at stake, it is more than worth it for sellers to put in the time and cost for advance preparation and planning.

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Community Outreach: How to Increase Quality Enrollment, Retention, Placement, and Brand Enhancement

By Dr. Susan F. Schulz, Ed.D., Founding Owner, Schulz School Advisors
It is important for school owners to have an awareness of and direct link to their community and industries served. This article provides easy ways to set up and develop an ongoing Community Outreach program to increase quality enrollment, retention, placement, and brand enhancement.

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Fostering a Culture of Collective Security

By Robert M. Keiser M.B.A., Executive Director, Southeastern College/Southeastern Institute
It is imperative that campus administrators understand that even the most modern security systems serve simply as a deterrent to acts of violence and not an irrefutable answer to the threat of mass violence. To truly protect an institution from the threat of a mass shooting a culture of collective security must be fostered and invested in.

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Financial Viability in an Increasingly Complex and Regulated Environment

By Michael T. Wherry, Director, McClintock & Associates and Greg DeFeo, Business and Financial Consultant
Maintaining the financial viability of a postsecondary institution in today’s environment is a difficult task which requires intentionality to best business practices. We believe the following 10 steps are prudent and necessary for any organization.

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