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Campus Impossible

By Jeff Akens, Divisional Director of Operations, Success Education Colleges
In the Travel Channel’s show “Hotel Impossible,” host Anthony Melchiorri helps inexperienced hotel owners save their struggling properties by improving in five key areas. In Campus Impossible, Jeff Akens will bring his 25 years of operational experience to show how career college campuses can improve by focusing on the same five areas.

The Millennial Workforce – a New Corporate Reality

Emerging Competing Training Models: Opportunities and Challenges for Career Colleges

By Stanley A. Freeman and Sean T. Beller, Education Attorneys, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC, Washington, D.C.
As career colleges innovate and expand their operations in the midst of market disruption, their strategic planning should include a focus on competing business models and the challenges and opportunities that they present. This article discusses some of the steps that colleges are taking to keep current in today’s postsecondary education world.

Campus Impossible

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration for Institutional Success

By Elizabeth Keifer Herron, VP - Solutions & Sales, Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions
Institutional success is only possible when strong communication and collaboration exists among faculty, staff, and leadership across departmental lines. Understanding different learning, working, and communication styles provides insight into how to maximize utilization of our greatest resource – human capital.

Campus Impossible

Alleviating Campus Issues…Before They Become Crisis

By Kristen Torres, Regional Director of Operations, Pima Medical Institute
If you’ve ever left your institution at night worried about the safety and well-being of your students, employees, and yourself, you are certainly not alone. This article discusses practical, tactical steps to prevent, deescalate, and alleviate situations before they require a crisis team, enabling you and your team to minimize distractions and focus on the success of your students.

Campus Impossible

Competition Among Superheroes: Qualitative Assessment of Schools Within a Multi-Campus Group

By Dr. Joel A. English, Vice President of Operations, Centura College, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Tidewater Tech
Dr. English shares how his school group designed and communicated the values, goals, assessment, timelines, and competition that leads his campuses to institutional success, and how this benchmarking structure supports their best campus directors in leaping tall buildings in single bounds.

Campus Impossible

Building Sustainability in Private Institutions: The Sustainability of Change Management Model

By Rhondra O. Willis, Ph.D., Dissertation Chair, Grand Canyon University
As the landscape for educational delivery shifts, institutions must also change in order to maintain momentum and academic quality standards. By examining qualitative and quantitative data while implementing the concepts of Good to Great, post-secondary institutions are enabled to build and maintain sustainability models.

Campus Impossible