How to Connect With High School Students

By Phil Smith, VP Marketing and Communications and Troy Chaney, Co-Founder, Rally Cap LLC.
Rally Cap LLC collected data over the past 2015-2016 school year from nearly 250,000 high school students nationwide. The results of that data show a significant opportunity for career or specialty education with regard to high school students.

A Phenomenological Exploration of Adult Basic Education Teachers’ Experiences with Professional Development

The Impending Crisis for Educational Institutions Accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)

By Wallace K. Pond, Ph.D.
The current situation, in which a large accrediting commission may be involuntarily shut down, is unprecedented in U.S. accreditation history. Dr. Pond’s article discusses the implications on higher education institutions and students, where ACICS accredited institutes would go and the accreditation migration process.

NACIQI, ED.Gov, CHEA Offer Guidance Regarding COVID-19-Era Quality Assurance

Postsecondary Education in Crisis

By Mitch Talenfeld, CEO, MDT Marketing
Talenfeld recently earned his college degree after almost 44 years of on-again, off-again classes. He tells his story about his experiences, which are contrary to the narrative that has been making recent headlines – a narrative that is about to destroy private-sector career education.

FNU Students Display Emotional and Psychological Resilience in Spite of COVID-19

Three Decades of Training Campus Leaders

By Kelley Blanchard, Vice President of Professional Development, Career Education Colleges and Universities
The CECU Leadership Institute has become a legacy program for sector leaders, and has established alumni consisting of school presidents, CEOs and leaders. Many attendees have testified to bringing new ideas back to their campuses and making lifelong connections.

Campus Screening App, Cleaning Technology Help Bring Stanbridge University Students Safely Back to Campus

Classroom and Teaching Trends – K-12 Teachers are Changing Student Expectations

By Martha Lanaghen, CEO and Founder, The Sparrow Group
Students across the U.S. are coming into their college classrooms with different expectations. Why does this matter to career schools? Our classrooms and instructors need to be prepared for this “new kind of student” if we want to increase engagement, retention and prepare them for the workforce.

Remote Teaching –Thriving or Surviving?

Community Outreach – Worth the Investment

By Andrew High, Chief Operating Officer and Susan Ciardullo, Regional Director of Career Services and Community Outreach, West Coast Ultrasound Institute
Community outreach may seem like a nebulous topic, but when backed by the strength of strategic direction, it becomes more concrete and valuable. This article will attempt to show you why structured community outreach efforts are worth the investment.

Campus Screening App, Cleaning Technology Help Bring Stanbridge University Students Safely Back to Campus