Navigating Relationship Risks: An Overview of Policy Approaches to Governing Consensual Employee-Student Relationships in the University

By Hayley Hanson, Katie Jo Luningham, Husch Blackwell LLP
In the past, colleges and universities have been hesitant to enact policies policing romantic and/or sexual relationships, but now many schools are taking action to implement employee-student relationship policies. This articles looks at four possible policy approaches.

Knowing Your Responsibility as a Plan Sponsor

3D Course Design, Competency-Based Online Learning, and Why Distance Education Earned a Bad Name

By Dr. Joel A. English, Vice President, Centura College, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, and Tidewater Tech
English looks at why the first generation of online learning earned a bad name, and what online courses need to accomplish to improve upon their performance in years to come.

Pima Medical Institute and East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) Create a Collaborative Partnership that Benefits Phoenix Area High School Students

Improving Interdepartmental Cooperation: He Doesn’t Know the Rules! But Neither Does She!

By Stephen T. Chema II, and Ben Walker, Ritzert & Leyton, PC
Learn about how cooperation between departments can positively impact operations at a school. Attorneys from Ritzert & Leyton, P.C. provide advice and input regarding strategies to improve cooperation at your institution.

Emerging Competing Training Models: Opportunities and Challenges for Career Colleges