Navigating Relationship Risks: An Overview of Policy Approaches to Governing Consensual Employee-Student Relationships in the University

By Hayley Hanson, Katie Jo Luningham, Husch Blackwell LLP
In the past, colleges and universities have been hesitant to enact policies policing romantic and/or sexual relationships, but now many schools are taking action to implement employee-student relationship policies. This articles looks at four possible policy approaches.

The Changing Landscape of the 90/10 Rule

3D Course Design, Competency-Based Online Learning, and Why Distance Education Earned a Bad Name

By Dr. Joel A. English, Vice President, Centura College, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, and Tidewater Tech
English looks at why the first generation of online learning earned a bad name, and what online courses need to accomplish to improve upon their performance in years to come.

Centura on Top of Job Trends as it Begins More Renewable Energy Training Programs

Improving Interdepartmental Cooperation: He Doesn’t Know the Rules! But Neither Does She!

By Stephen T. Chema II, and Ben Walker, Ritzert & Leyton, PC
Learn about how cooperation between departments can positively impact operations at a school. Attorneys from Ritzert & Leyton, P.C. provide advice and input regarding strategies to improve cooperation at your institution.

Career Colleges use Lessons From Pandemic as They Move to Reopen Campuses in Fall