New CECU President Hopes to Give Career College Sector a Voice in Biden Administration

Written from an interview with Dr. Jason Altmire, President and CEO, Career Education Colleges and Universities
Dr. Jason Altmire, president and CEO of Career Education Colleges and Universities, knows there will be challenges for the sector in the new Biden administration. But he says the group has learned lessons from the past and will be able to give the sector a voice, and thus be able to tell all the good their schools do.

CECU Sends List of Priorities and Policy Recommendations to President-Elect Biden

CECU leaders have been involved in multiple discussions with high-level officials within President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team. As part of these discussions, CECU was asked to submit a letter outlining CECU’s priorities and policy recommendations for the new administration’s Department of Education. After soliciting the views of the CECU membership, they crafted a letter and sent it to the Biden office.

To tell Student’s Stories the Sector will Need to Invest in Grassroots Digital Advocacy

Written from a presentation given at the CECU CEO Summit by Craig Pattee, Agenda Global
Craig Pattee discussed how grassroots is changing to digital advocacy, which is altering how lobbyists approach members of Congress. During the spring and summer of 2020, Pattee and CECU began a pilot program which successful reached Congressional members. This success happened through digital advocacy by telling the sectors’ students’ stories.

Campus Directors Mask-UP/Power-UP! COVID-19 and CARES Act

By Cindy R. Chamberlain, Content Specialist, Gurnick Academy
Gurnick Academy campus directors were challenged to find new ways of delivering education in a safe environment. Rather than instruct face-to-face, program directors needed to create both an online teaching environment and virtual lab in conjunction with a safe and thoughtful in-person competency evaluation back at the campus. It was uncharted territory for the educational sector at large, let alone for the campus directors, staff, and faculty.

Morale Building at Pima Medical’s Colorado Springs Campus

By Tara Dailey, Regional Director of Operations, Pima Medical Institute
While campus morale is always important, the added strain of the COVID-19 pandemic and the workplace pivots that came along with that added an additional layer of stress for many. Pima Medical Institute utilizes FranklinCovey techniques to build morale and improve campus culture among faculty and staff of the Colorado Springs campus.