Snapback: Is Your Compliance Program Ready

By Bill Ojile, Partner, Armstrong Teasdale LLP
In 2009, after eight years of a Republican administration and a historic recession that saw career college enrollments skyrocket, regulation and enforcement actions hit the career college sector with a vengeance. If President Trump is defeated in November and/or the Democrats take control of the Senate, in 2021 career colleges could see a similar snapback of regulation. Is your school ready?

Career Services and Employer Engagement in a COVID-19 World

By Micaela Alpers, President, Education Division, Career TEAM, LLC
A strong focus on career development and employer engagement is critical to the successful placement of graduates and we cannot lose sight of this as we navigate through COVID-19. As it relates to career services, student preparation and employer engagement will benefit from looking at ways to scale, automate, and centralize their people, process, and technology from every direction.

Reclaiming the High School Market – What Professional School Counselors Want you to Know

By Carla Cheatham, Professional School Counselor, Bremen High School; Shannon Gormley, Student Success Coordinator, Tinley Park High School and Vincent Norton, Managing Partner, Norton Norris, Inc.
As students turn to their counselors for guidance, will they continue on the path they chose pre-pandemic? And if they change their plans, how can career colleges be one of the options? There is a great opportunity as a career college sector, as the innovators, to actually work more closely and to really help those students make a smoother transition, whatever their path may be.

Blockchain: Potential Opportunities for Career Colleges

By Nicolas E.M. Michiels, Principal and Olivia O’Hea, Summer Associate, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
This article explores the application of blockchain technology to postsecondary institutions. First, we report on the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) efforts to study blockchain and assess how it can be used by the education sector. Second, we consider the opportunities and challenges for blockchain in a higher education setting. Finally, we discuss specific ways career colleges could leverage blockchain technology.