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Highlights From the 2023 North American Career Education Convention
By Jenny Faubert, Vice President of Communications, Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)

The 2023 North American Career Education Convention in Kansas City, jointly hosted by CECU and Canada’s National Association of Career Colleges, offered fresh perspectives and strategic insights to enhance student outcomes. With 746 registrants, engaging keynote speakers, and diverse breakout sessions, the convention fostered valuable connections and a renewed commitment to advancing career education.

Keynote Speaker Dan Gingiss on Elevating the Customer Experience
By Jenny Faubert, Vice President of Communications, Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)

The convention featured a captivating keynote by author Dan Gingiss, emphasizing the importance of creating memorable and shareable customer experiences to stand out in today’s competitive landscape. Gingiss introduced the concept of being WISE as a roadmap for institutions to differentiate themselves and transform satisfied students into enthusiastic advocates.

The Inspiring Story of Closing Keynote Speaker Robert Herjavec’s Success
By Jenny Faubert, Vice President of Communications, Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)

Robert Herjavec’s closing keynote at the 2023 North American Career Education Convention shared his inspiring journey from a thriving tech entrepreneur in Canada to a television sensation on “Dragons’ Den” and “Shark Tank.” Herjavec’s journey through entrepreneurship, television, and the tech world serves as an inspiring tale of the limitless possibilities that await those willing to embrace change and seize the opportunities before them.

Enhancing the Student Journey: Using ChatGPT and AI for Attracting and Engaging Students
By Stephen Arthur, Director of Data Analytics, ECPI University

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are revolutionizing education by enhancing student engagement and administrative processes. LLMs have diverse applications, spanning personalized tutoring, curriculum creation, marketing strategies, and career services. Nonetheless, a cautious and deliberate integration of AI tools within the educational framework is necessary to fully harness their advantages.

From Floundering to Effective Teams, an Actionable How-To
By Rex Spaulding, President, North American Trade Schools, Inc., Peter Dykstra, Vice-President, Career College Group, and Dr. Scott Fitzgibbon, The Pacific Institute

Creating a constructive organizational culture that aligns with strategic goals requires prioritizing the institution’s mission. By establishing a common knowledge base on both style preference (Everything DiSC®) and understanding The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® model, teams can move past those behavioral impediments and begin to build much stronger and more effective teams.

The Gainful Employment Rule: Understanding ED’s New Final Rule
By Dan Brozovic, Principal, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC

The U.S. Department of Education has proposed new regulations for Gainful Employment which would require programs to meet two eligibility metrics: a debt-to-earnings ratio, and a new earnings premium. This article provides an overview of the final rule with a focus on the mechanics and data underlying these proposed metrics. *This article has been updated from the print edition to reflect the final rule.

Creating Inclusive College Culture
By Dr. I-Chant A. Chiang, Executive Diversity Officer, Sprott Shaw College

Career colleges have some of the most diverse students and employees, provoking many questions about ways to bring a sense of belonging to the whole college community. Evidence from research has given us many tools, from quick, practical tips to comprehensive strategies for creating campus culture to be an inclusive, welcoming space for all.

Transformation: The Path to Thriving in a Hyperchanging World
By Wallace K. Pond, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Transformation Collaborative, and Joel English, Ph.D., Executive VP, Centura College, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, and Tidewater Tech

Over the past five years, the perception of higher education in America has shifted significantly, with doubts emerging about its value. Career schools are positioned to address this shift, but only through thorough adaptation. Centura College, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, and Tidewater Tech are examples of successful transformation, illustrating that institutions must reinvent themselves, prioritize community engagement, and offer compelling, lifelong education strategies beyond traditional degrees.

Top 5 Privacy and Data Security Risks Most Likely to Trigger Significant Liability
By Michelle Donovan, Partner, Duane Morris, LLP, and Michael Zullo, Partner, Duane Morris, LLP

This article focuses on the top five risks most likely to cause significant liability and costs to your school, including: (i) Department of Education and FTC enforcement of the updated FTC Safeguards Rule; (ii) audits and administrative actions by the new California Privacy Protection Agency; (iii) data breach class action litigation under the California Consumer Privacy Act; (iv) biometric data privacy class action litigation; (iv) wiretapping class action litigation.


Washington News Brief – June 2023 – September 2023
By Sharon H. Bob, Ph.D., Higher Education Specialist, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville, PC

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