ADA Website Accessibility Simplified

By Gayla Huber, President, IntegriShield
Here is what we know, and it is simple: the Department of Justice believes the ADA applies to websites. Though they have not issued regulations, companies should strive for AA compliance to reduce their risk. Take steps to get the ADA target off your website.

NACIQI, ED.Gov, CHEA Offer Guidance Regarding COVID-19-Era Quality Assurance

By Anthony S. Bieda,
The global pandemic disrupting instruction in higher education is also re-shaping some of the highly routinized, methodical quality assurance protocols of accreditation. The analysis that follows considers available written disclosures from the accreditation community and the primary sources of guidance regarding accreditation recognition: The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education, the NACIQI, and the CHEA.

FNU Students Display Emotional and Psychological Resilience in Spite of COVID-19

By Mireidy Fernandez, PsyD, Adjunct Faculty, Florida National University
Dr. Fernandez’s mental picture of what was ahead for the summer term was dire. With no end in sight, she was prepared to deal with depressed students, who lacked the motivation to learn or focus in school. She soon learned even the pandemic cannot break FNU’s students’ strong spirits.

Cybersecurity Compliance in the Higher Education Sector are you Protected?

By Renee Ford, Vice President, DJA Financial Aid Services Inc.
This article explores the legal responsibilities Title IV postsecondary institutions have to ensure the privacy and security of the records and data it maintains for its employees, students and parents. It will cover the top cybersecurity risks plaguing the sector, as well as mitigation tactics to minimize those threats facing institutions. Lastly, we will review how to create an optimal Information Security Program for your institution.