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Soft Skills: The Foundation for Academic and Career Success

By Dennis Spisak, President, DJSpisak Consulting and Founding Partner, Ignite3E
A few years ago I was involved in an advisory board meeting that included academic officers from approximately 12 career colleges from across the country. It was a very informative meeting, covering a variety of topics of interest to schools within the career college sector.

A Cutting Edge, Hands-On Education Program Goes Virtual

The Selective use of Data to Demonize For-Profit Colleges and Distort Their Contribution to Higher Education

By Henry Herzing, Ph.D.(hc), MBA, MSEE, President, Herzing College, Co-founder and Chancellor Emeritus, Herzing University
A recent release from the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) highlighted that the private sector of higher education accounted for 16 percent of the degrees and certificates awarded in the country.

Maybe Clayton Christensen Was Right … Disruption is Coming to Higher Education