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Cybersecurity Compliance in the Higher Education Sector are you Protected?

By Renee Ford, Vice President, DJA Financial Aid Services Inc.
This article explores the legal responsibilities Title IV postsecondary institutions have to ensure the privacy and security of the records and data it maintains for its employees, students and parents. It will cover the top cybersecurity risks plaguing the sector, as well as mitigation tactics to minimize those threats facing institutions. Lastly, we will review how to create an optimal Information Security Program for your institution.

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Snapback: Is Your Compliance Program Ready

By Bill Ojile, Partner, Armstrong Teasdale LLP
In 2009, after eight years of a Republican administration and a historic recession that saw career college enrollments skyrocket, regulation and enforcement actions hit the career college sector with a vengeance. If President Trump is defeated in November and/or the Democrats take control of the Senate, in 2021 career colleges could see a similar snapback of regulation. Is your school ready?

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Graduate Placement Documentation – Best Practices to Ensure Compliant Documentation

By Kim Cook, Regional Director of Clinical & Career Success, American Career College and Lauren Irvine, Director of Accreditation and Licensing, American Career College
Maintaining an institutional policy and procedure for collecting placement documentation is critical for meeting the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) placement benchmark of 70 percent. Implementing a multi-level review process within your institution can ensure your placement documentation is sound.

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Academic Operations – 100% Compliant 24/7/365

By George Mikluscak, Vice President-Academic Compliance, West Virginia Junior College
Accreditation and state regulatory compliance should not be an event that occurs every few years. Rather, it is a culture that needs to be lived every day by every person on campus. A quarterly audit system is a simplistic approach to maintaining compliance of academic operations.

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Department Announces New Approach to FERPA Enforcement

By Nicolas Michiels, Principal, Education Practice Group, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
The U.S. Department of Education (“Department”) recently announced an important change in the way it will enforce the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”). Instead of opening a formal investigation regarding each valid FERPA complaint the Department will now dedicate investigatory resources to the highest-risk issues and take a less formal, more collaborative approach for other cases.

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Surviving (or even Thriving in) an ED Program Review

By Sherry Gray, Dan Brozovic, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
U.S. Department of Education program reviews can demonstrate your institution’s compliance with the Title IV rules and requirements, but they can also lead to significant compliance findings and substantial liabilities. The Department can conduct a program review at any time – are you prepared?

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