Career Colleges are a Smart Choice for Veterans and Their Family Members

By John Willis and Titus Hubbard, MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus
Among the many veterans who have completed their training during MIAT’s 50-year history, one graduate of the Aviation Maintenance Technician Program at the Houston campus is a standout and is an inspiration to other veterans.

Veterans Found Group to Fight for University Choice Over Military Education Benefits

Financial Viability in an Increasingly Complex and Regulated Environment

By Michael T. Wherry, Director, McClintock & Associates and Greg DeFeo, Business and Financial Consultant
Maintaining the financial viability of a postsecondary institution in today’s environment is a difficult task which requires intentionality to best business practices. We believe the following 10 steps are prudent and necessary for any organization.

Humanity in Our Hands: Educators Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Stop the Roller Coaster Effect – The Art of PDL’s and Referrals

By Lisa Olmedo, Vice President of Client Relations, Gragg Advertising
Schools in our sector have a start, on average, every four to eight weeks. At this pace admissions teams can find themselves in the danger zone of what I like to call, “the roller coaster effect.” The most effective way of reducing the roller coaster effect is to build a solid PDL and referral campaign.

A New Strategic Approach to Coaching is Helping Admissions Teams Overcome Post-Pandemic Challenges