Financial Viability in an Increasingly Complex and Regulated Environment

By Michael T. Wherry, Director, McClintock & Associates and Greg DeFeo, Business and Financial Consultant
Maintaining the financial viability of a postsecondary institution in today’s environment is a difficult task which requires intentionality to best business practices. We believe the following 10 steps are prudent and necessary for any organization.

Four Elements Needed for a Successful Teach-Out

Stop the Roller Coaster Effect – The Art of PDL’s and Referrals

By Lisa Olmedo, Vice President of Client Relations, Gragg Advertising
Schools in our sector have a start, on average, every four to eight weeks. At this pace admissions teams can find themselves in the danger zone of what I like to call, “the roller coaster effect.” The most effective way of reducing the roller coaster effect is to build a solid PDL and referral campaign.

Reanimating Your Zombie Leads