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CECU Taskforce Releases New Guide Designed for Educational Marketing

By Mitch Talenfeld, CEO, MDT Marketing
Compliance & Best Practices in Student Inquiry Generation: A Guide for Schools was released with the sincere desire that institutions will build or update their existing third-party lead generator processes accordingly to ensure marketing messages are honest, easy-to-understand and compliant with education and marketing laws.

TikTok – Generating Leads From Hard-to-Reach Consumers

Social Media Fosters Human Connection During COVID-19

By Suzanne Gragg, Vice President of Public Relations & Social Media, Gragg Advertising
In the absence of in-person human interaction, consumers are turning online to fill that void. Social media has become one of the primary sources of human connection. People are hungry for a direct connection and successful businesses are poised to cultivate those meaningful relationships.

TikTok – Generating Leads From Hard-to-Reach Consumers

Job Security Through a Culture of Testing

By Gregg Meiklejohn, Co-Founder, Enrollment Resources and Michael Schulte, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Enrollment Resources
Conversion rate optimization is the only tactic a school can use to consistently increase revenues without having to buy advertising or hire people. If leaders embrace a culture of sharing within their school, those doing the testing will become more important than ever.

TikTok – Generating Leads From Hard-to-Reach Consumers