The New Audit Guide and What we Learned

By Michael Wherry, Director, McClintock & Associates, PC
As was expected, the Audit Guide added significantly more audit work, increased the hours necessary to complete the audit, and delayed the issuance of the reports. During July, our firm spent time quantifying the hours and the impact on our firm and to our clients.

PPP Loans and HEERF Grants: A Guide to Accounting, Reporting and Composite Score Considerations

New Laws Facing Student Loan Servicers – What Higher Ed Leaders Need to Know

By Benjamin Breitbart, Vice President, TFC Tuition Financing
Several states are enacting new laws that require licensure of student loan servicers and educational institutions need to be aware of each state’s specific requirements. It is critical for schools to keep abreast of the new regulations in order to stay compliant and avoid possible penalties.

Preparing for Student Loan Repayment

Surviving (or even Thriving in) an ED Program Review

By Sherry Gray, Dan Brozovic, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
U.S. Department of Education program reviews can demonstrate your institution’s compliance with the Title IV rules and requirements, but they can also lead to significant compliance findings and substantial liabilities. The Department can conduct a program review at any time – are you prepared?

New OSHA Rules for Vaccination in the Workplace

Keiser: Career Schools Should be Proud of Their History

Written by Barbara A. Schmitz from an interview with Dr. Arthur Keiser, Chancellor and CEO, Keiser University
Dr. Arthur Keiser, a history major and career college owner, looks back at the five cycles in the post-World War II world and how they impacted the sector. He remains optimistic about the future of career colleges, believing that more students will be looking for educational opportunities and that career schools are ideally poised to train people and erase the skills gap.

From the Brink of Closure to 650 Students: WyoTech’s Resurgence Story

Whether it’s a Wave, Ripple, or Undertow … Position Your School to Handle all Political Currents

By Aaron Shenck, Executive Director, PAPSA
This article will briefly analyze the fall midterm elections, why its results and other elections matter to your institution, and then provide strategies and ideas for schools to help strengthen their political relationships and public standing in their communities.

CECU Sends List of Priorities and Policy Recommendations to President-Elect Biden

Mergers and Acquisitions in Higher Education: Considering the Letter of Intent

By Emily Murphy, Aaron Lacey, and Katie Wendel, Thompson Coburn LLP
In recent years, there has been a significant uptick in merger and acquisition activity involving institutions of higher education, and many familiar with the sector expect this trend to continue. This article discusses mergers and acquisitions in the higher education space and focuses on preparing the letter of intent.

Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on Affordability and Student Loans – Session One