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Career Colleges – Entering a 21st Century Where Industry Certifications and Employment Relevance are Essential

By Gary Carlson, President, gCarlson Inc. and Raul Valdes Pages, CEO, Quantum Educational Services
Re-engineering our schools and offerings will need to include automation, robotics, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, dialysis techs, health information technology, clinical lab techs, health information management, and others. The next step will be to educate for jobs that have not yet been identified.

The Changing Face of Academics in a Booming Economy

Pima Medical Institute and East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) Create a Collaborative Partnership that Benefits Phoenix Area High School Students

By Jen Spurlin, Corporate Director of Education, Pima Medical Institute
Pima Medical Institute has announced a new partnership with the Health Sciences Division of the East Valley Institute of Technology to provide high school students a clear pathway to higher education.

The Changing Face of Academics in a Booming Economy

The Re-Positioning of Student Choice

By Ruth Reynard Ph.D., Education Consultant
Student choice now does not only refer to objective selection, but also preference, intention and use. This has direct implication for curriculum design, as well as academic and professional programming and accreditation. Schools must develop instructional designs that move and grow with the moving targets of current technology and global interconnectedness and relevancy.

The Changing Face of Academics in a Booming Economy

Make Your Graduates More Employable

Basic Conversational Spanish for Non-Spanish Speaking Students and Spanish for the Spanish-Speaking Students
By Luis Garcia Jr., Garcia-Shilling International (GSI) and Stephen B. Friedheim, Education Systems & Solutions
Incorporate basic Spanish and the results will not only please you, your students and your employers, but the changes will enable your school to fulfill its mission – greater graduate employment.

The Changing Face of Academics in a Booming Economy

Using Gap Analysis to Improve Student Outcomes

By Christine Sproles, MSN, BSN, RN, Assistant Dean of Nursing and Nursing Instructor, Fortis Institute, Pensacola, Florida
As educators, our number one goal should be student success. Gap analysis is a method to determine whether or not content is being properly taught for student success on course specialty and exit/comprehensive exams and includes methods for improving these outcomes.

The Changing Face of Academics in a Booming Economy

Study Abroad Programs are Beneficial for Career Students and Schools

Written from an Interview with Alvin Fowlkes, Business Faculty Member, Coordinator and Director of the Study Abroad Program, ECPI University
ECPI University’s Study Abroad Program helps students recognize and understand differences in culture, customs and traditions. But just as importantly, the program differentiates the college and helps it stand out amongst its competitors.

The Changing Face of Academics in a Booming Economy