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Program Outlook in the Context of a Pandemic

By Robert Keiser, Executive Director, Southeastern College and Southeastern Institute
As colleges and universities plan their future, they are considering today’s pandemic and the uncertainty of whether COVID-19 will have a long-standing impact. The paradigm of immediate versus long-standing impact must be considered in the context of program additions and program teach-outs.

A Cutting Edge, Hands-On Education Program Goes Virtual

The With-it-ness Factor: How to Engage and Motivate the Adult Student

By Steven Roth, Ed.D., Professor, Education and Brian Keintz, Ph.D., Professor, Education, Keiser University Graduate School
The concept of with-it-ness is the teacher’s awareness of what is occurring in the classroom without witnessing the actions taking place (Kounin, 1977). This article discusses how teachers can achieve with-it-ness in the classroom including the ability to manage, control and set the tone for a positive learning setting.

Program Outlook in the Context of a Pandemic

Ten Traits of a Highly Effective Instructor

By P. Michael Lanouette, Ph.D., Regional Director of Operations, Centura College/Tidewater Tech/AIM
Highly effective instructors are one of the critical components in creating and maintaining a highly effective school. The traits defined in this article were developed after watching hundreds of instructors across the country and matching them to quantifiable effectiveness.

Program Outlook in the Context of a Pandemic

The Valley College Student Life Cycle

By Richard Lombardo, Ph.D., Vice-President of Education and Development, Valley College
The Valley College Student Life Cycle has been designed to bring a balanced, comprehensive, and personalized approach to students by breaking down silos and creating a defined and transparent educational journey that is fully synthesized with our Career Services team to ensure that we not only fulfill the educational needs of our students but also, properly prepare our students to enter their chosen industry where they can bring sustainable value to that industry for years to come.

Program Outlook in the Context of a Pandemic

The use of Technology, Social Media, Applications, and Websites to Support Gen Z and Millennial Learners

By Helena M. H. Nadder, RN, MSN, MHA, Ph.D., Visiting Professor, Chamberlain University; Part-Time Faculty, Capella University
In a digital world with millennial and Gen Z learners, it is becoming increasingly important that college faculty engage in technologies and apply technological savvy within on-ground campus and online courses. This article promotes faculty understanding, comfort with, and application of different technologies in both the classroom and distance education settings.

Program Outlook in the Context of a Pandemic