LOL! OMG! What and How You Text Students Will Impact Response Rates

By Jeri Prochaska, Vice President of Higher Education Relations, TextAim
There are four imperative factors to take into consideration when it comes to communicating with students via text: response rates, transparency and manager oversight, compliance and ease of use.

How an Online Culinary Educator Engages Staff and Students, Builds Community, And Provides Effective Education

Career Education Admission Symposium Reveals New Truths and Exciting Direction for the Profession

By Shannon Gormley, Licensed School Counselor, Type 73/National Director of Enrollment Solutions, NortonNorris, Inc.
This article reveals the opportunities that lie ahead for admission professionals in career colleges and community colleges to elevate the profession, create lasting partnerships with high school counselors, and make a lasting impact on student outcomes.

Fall 2020 Postsecondary Enrollments: Down, but Maybe Not as Bad as Expected

Higher Education Marketing as a Gainful Employment Resource

By Richard McCulloch, Vice-President of Client Services, Tribeca Marketing Group
A creative redefinition of your comprehensive marketing strategy is an opportunity to improve the outcomes for your institution, not only because of the gainful employment regulations, but as a means to elevate the value proposition of attending your institution.

Social Media Fosters Human Connection During COVID-19