How to Conduct a Legislative Visit and Why You Need to do it Now

Written by Barbara A. Schmitz from an interview by Jenny Faubert with Tom Netting, Executive Director, Central States Private Education Network
Netting says there are two opportunities left to make changes to or to replace or repeal the gainful employment regulation before the anticipated publication of the first gainful employment debt-to-earnings metrics in early 2017.

The Debate Over the 90/10 Calculation … it’s Like Arguing Over How to Design the Interior of a Home That is Built on Land With a Bad Foundation

Hire – Train – Monitor – Motivate

By David J. Waldron, Author, A Great Place to Learn & Earn
Hiring, training, monitoring, and motivating are necessary, in unison, to build and maintain a campus or company of distinction. This article is adapted from the book, “A Great Place to Learn & Earn: An Organizational Effectiveness Model for Career Sector Education’s Critical Role in Twenty-First Century Workforce Development.”

How an Online Culinary Educator Engages Staff and Students, Builds Community, And Provides Effective Education