How Great Speaking Skills can Improve Online Admissions and Teaching Results

By Susan F. Schulz, EdD, Owner, Schulz School Advisors
It’s a new norm with many discoveries being made by career school and college leaders. One is the great results related to the virtual enrollment process and online teaching. Another is the need to train faculty and staff in effective speaking skills. This article shows how Toastmasters International can provide admissions and instructional staff with needed skills.

A New Strategic Approach to Coaching is Helping Admissions Teams Overcome Post-Pandemic Challenges

Program Outlook in the Context of a Pandemic

By Robert Keiser, Executive Director, Southeastern College and Southeastern Institute
As colleges and universities plan their future, they are considering today’s pandemic and the uncertainty of whether COVID-19 will have a long-standing impact. The paradigm of immediate versus long-standing impact must be considered in the context of program additions and program teach-outs.

In Tune with the Market: Bellus Academy Creates CBD Curriculum

PPP Loans and HEERF Grants: A Guide to Accounting, Reporting and Composite Score Considerations

By Tom Wilson, Manager, McClintock & Associates
In this article, Wilson provides information for recording and disclosing PPP loans and HEERF grants in your audited financial statements. From research, it doesn’t appear any bad options exist for recording these funds. It’s just a matter of what is best for your institution.

Does Your Institution “Act CAREfully” When it Comes to Accounting, Recording Keeping and Documentation of Federal Funds?

Social Media Fosters Human Connection During COVID-19

By Suzanne Gragg, Vice President of Public Relations & Social Media, Gragg Advertising
In the absence of in-person human interaction, consumers are turning online to fill that void. Social media has become one of the primary sources of human connection. People are hungry for a direct connection and successful businesses are poised to cultivate those meaningful relationships.

To Understand the Future, We Must Study the Past