We Invited Our Marketing Agency to Our Annual Planning. Here’s Why You Should Too.

By Charlie Buehler, Vice President of Marketing, Broadview Education Consortium
Broadview Education Consortium needed to think differently as they prepared for their annual planning meeting. They decided to take the bold step of inviting their outside marketing agency to attend and participate – the result was amazing.

Humanity in Our Hands: Educators Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Career Colleges – Entering a 21st Century Where Industry Certifications and Employment Relevance are Essential

By Gary Carlson, President, gCarlson Inc. and Raul Valdes Pages, CEO, Quantum Educational Services
Re-engineering our schools and offerings will need to include automation, robotics, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, dialysis techs, health information technology, clinical lab techs, health information management, and others. The next step will be to educate for jobs that have not yet been identified.

In Tune with the Market: Bellus Academy Creates CBD Curriculum

Job Security Through a Culture of Testing

By Gregg Meiklejohn, Co-Founder, Enrollment Resources and Michael Schulte, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Enrollment Resources
Conversion rate optimization is the only tactic a school can use to consistently increase revenues without having to buy advertising or hire people. If leaders embrace a culture of sharing within their school, those doing the testing will become more important than ever.

To Understand the Future, We Must Study the Past

Employer Engagement Adds Significant Value to Career College Curricula, Students and Graduates

By Jennifer Paugh, President, MIAT College of Technology and John Willis, President, MIAT College of Technology
To gain a competitive edge once career college students graduate and pass all required exams, potential employers who are willing and able to adopt a proactive, early-stage recruiting approach can become involved with career colleges in a variety of strategically beneficial ways.

What Innovative Career Service Departments Learned From COVID-19

Department Announces New Approach to FERPA Enforcement

By Nicolas Michiels, Principal, Education Practice Group, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
The U.S. Department of Education (“Department”) recently announced an important change in the way it will enforce the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”). Instead of opening a formal investigation regarding each valid FERPA complaint the Department will now dedicate investigatory resources to the highest-risk issues and take a less formal, more collaborative approach for other cases.

New OSHA Rules for Vaccination in the Workplace