Managing Employees Through Unemployment, Layoff and Furloughs

By Erica Brune, President, Lever1
What are the differences between unemployment, layoff and furlough and what is best for my company? Lever1’s seasoned HR Director walks through the best course of action to avoid discrimination pitfalls when selecting employees for reduction of work as well as how to manage their unemployment claims and health coverage.

Recalling Employees Back to Work

Transitioning and Training Ground Students to Become Exceptional Online Students

By Richard Lombardo, Ph.D., Vice-President of Education and Development, Valley College
In an effort to explore how postsecondary institutions can help students transition from on-ground to distance education, this paper will explore several topics including student struggles, student services, and best practice.

Effective Distance Learning Instructional Methods that Enhanced the FNU Student Experience During COVID-19

Déjà vu for Career Colleges – Proactively Preparing for the Attack!

Interview with Vince Norton and Jean Norris, Norton Norris, Inc.
The perfect storm was already brewing with ideological battles over the tax status of a career college, a focus on questionable marketing and recruitment practices, battles over 90/10, VA benefits, borrower defense to repayment and more. Let’s talk about how a career college can proactively prepare to avoid the scrutiny that is sure to come.

Career Colleges use Lessons From Pandemic as They Move to Reopen Campuses in Fall

Does Your Institution “Act CAREfully” When it Comes to Accounting, Recording Keeping and Documentation of Federal Funds?

By Michael T. Wherry, CPA, and Dave McClintock, CPA, McClintock & Associates
With the U.S. Department of Education and the Small Business Administration disbursing unprecedented amounts of emergency relief with so little specific guidance, now is the time for institutions to carefully vet their accounting, record keeping and documentation processes.

PPP Loans and HEERF Grants: A Guide to Accounting, Reporting and Composite Score Considerations