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Department Sacrifices Access by Minority Students in Order to Settle an Old Score

By Anthony S. Bieda and Tom Wickenden
The demise of ACICS would simultaneously terminate education finance for thousands of students seeking a chance at economic stability and domestic sustainability and could lead to the closure of dozens of career colleges which provide an educational opportunity for millions of students of color, say Bieda and Wickenden.

Musings of an Educational Entrepreneur

FNU Students Display Emotional and Psychological Resilience in Spite of COVID-19

By Mireidy Fernandez, PsyD, Adjunct Faculty, Florida National University
Dr. Fernandez’s mental picture of what was ahead for the summer term was dire. With no end in sight, she was prepared to deal with depressed students, who lacked the motivation to learn or focus in school. She soon learned even the pandemic cannot break FNU’s students’ strong spirits.

Musings of an Educational Entrepreneur

COVID-19 Is Making it Clear that College Students Are, In Fact, Customers

By Ruth Veloria, Chief Strategy and Customer Officer, University of Phoenix The higher education industry is in turmoil. Brick-and-mortar colleges across the country are going entirely online as COVID-19 cases continue to rise; dozens of lawsuits have been filed against colleges by students seeking tuition refunds after sub-par online experiences this past spring; 20% of More Info »

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