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Who Will Survive the Downsizing of Higher Education?

By Wallace K. Pond, Ph.D., President, Khawarizmi International College and CEO, Khawarizmi Holding Company
It is true that some number, and maybe a large number, of institutions will not survive the next ten to twenty years and fewer still will truly thrive. Fortunately, there is an emerging model for both surviving and thriving, which a growing number of enlightened colleges and universities are slowly adopting.

2019 Proprietary Higher Education Review: “Food Fight!”

Musings of an Educational Entrepreneur

By Benjamin Franklin
As history has shown, the mistakes of the British led to a great, long-term partnership which gave rise to the free world. Let’s hope that history repeats itself - that when we look back in another 250 years, we will see the significant and positive impact of private sector institutions on American higher education system.

2019 Proprietary Higher Education Review: “Food Fight!”