Successful Transition to Online Learning Amid a Pandemic

By Holly Puckett DNP, RN, CMSRN, Academic Director, Centra College and Susan Motto Burnette, MSN, RN, RN-BC, Faculty Instructor and Student Health Nurse, Centra College
Readers will learn how a brick and mortar institution successfully switched its mode of delivery from the traditional classroom to the online platform with tips, tricks, and viable resources along with how things are functioning almost one year later.

Berkeley College One Year After the Pandemic

Data Shows Career Colleges Fare Well When Compared to Public and Nonprofit Sectors

Written by Sara Klein from a CECU Hill Day presentation by Nicholas Kent, Senior Vice President of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, CECU
At the 2021 CECU Hill Day, Nicholas Kent presented data showcasing the many reasons why for-profit institutions do better or just as well as public and nonprofit sectors. Some of the criteria discussed were the diversity of students enrolled, growth, access, graduation and retention rates, financial aid, and tuition rates, among others.

Attracting and Engaging Students in Today’s Environment

The Future of Work After COVID-19 Report

By Sara Klein
A report by the McKinsey Global Institute published in February titled “The future of work after COVID-19” discusses how the pandemic affected the economy. The pandemic has changed how the workplace is structured, and one of the conclusions the report found was low-wage occupations will be declining while high-wage occupations will be increasing, causing many workers to seek education in training and skills.

Data Shows Career Colleges Fare Well When Compared to Public and Nonprofit Sectors