6 Tips to Jumpstart Your Digital Recruiting in 2017

By Dr. Andy Beedle, Chief Digital Strategist, Norton|Norris, Inc.
The elation of January’s massive influx of traffic has been replaced by February’s “time to clean up after the party” blues. The digital outlook for 2017 looks brighter than ever. Dr. Beedle describes some solid (and easy-to-execute) tactics that will improve your results.

Authenticity, Privacy, Student-Centered Content are the Key to Successful Enrollment Growth

The Central States Private Education Network: A CSPEN Coming Out Party

By Dr. Joel A. English, Board Chair, CSPEN and Vice President of Operations, Centura College & Aviation Institute of Maintenance
Not wanting to change what made CSPEN different, in February 2017 they decided to become a 501(c)(3). Instead of limiting access with membership dues, CSPEN will leverage their ablity to accept tax-deductible donations, and keep being who they have been – open, casual, opinionated, community-based, and free.

Senior Department Official’s Thoughtful Response to ACICS

Building Sustainability in Private Institutions: The Sustainability of Change Management Model

By Rhondra O. Willis, Ph.D., Dissertation Chair, Grand Canyon University
As the landscape for educational delivery shifts, institutions must also change in order to maintain momentum and academic quality standards. By examining qualitative and quantitative data while implementing the concepts of Good to Great, post-secondary institutions are enabled to build and maintain sustainability models.

What’s an EOP?