Career Colleges Poised for Growth Despite Pandemic, Economy

Written from the CECU Keynote Session, The Future of Work, The Future of our Sector
Career Education Colleges and Universities held its first virtual convention and expo in June and kicked off the program discussing the future of work and the sector. The consensus: Despite a pandemic and economic downtown, career colleges face opportunities for growth.

Additional Coverage on CA Community Colleges and CARES Act

How an Online Culinary Educator Engages Staff and Students, Builds Community, And Provides Effective Education

Interview with Tracy Lorenz, CPA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Triumph Higher Education Group/Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts
Tracy Lorenz, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Triumph Higher Education Group/Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, tells CER how a hands-on fully online culinary arts program is possible and examines some of the tactics they use to engage students and staff.

Lincoln Educational Services Team Rallies Together to Continue Delivering Education to Students

Well-Being During Crisis: Taking Care of People in Organizations

By Wallace K Pond, Ph.D., Executive Search Education Practice Partner, Top Gun Ventures
We know intuitively that the COVID-19 crisis has posed challenges to our mental health and overall well-being, but most of us are not aware of the extent of the problem. Fortunately, as overwhelming as the challenges are, there are best practices for supporting well-being and wellness within organizations.

Attacking a Big Job With a Small Allotment of Time!