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The Clinical Coordinating Council: A Competitive Advantage For Your School

By Janet H. Davis MBA, PhD, RN, Dean of Nursing, Violet Schumacher School of Nursing, Northwestern College
Today, schools with allied health programs face increasing competition for student clinical affiliations. The issues schools are currently facing regarding clinical site availability will pale in comparison to the challenges before us.

A Cutting Edge, Hands-On Education Program Goes Virtual

Old School VS New School: Comparing Admissions’ Interactions With Prospects of Non-Profit & For-Profit Schools

By Martin Lind, Education Vertical Director, Velocify and Gregg Meiklejohn, Co-Founder & CEO, Enrollment Resources A Senate report sent the proprietary school industry reeling in 2012, and created an image problem that the sector has been trying to recover from ever since. But is the stereotype true today?

Reclaiming the High School Market – What Professional School Counselors Want you to Know