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Working with Workforce Development

By Burke Malin, Chief Operating Officer, Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts
Developing an employer centric approach to education is critical to student outcomes and overall institutional success. How to work with career services, faculty, and employers to create an effective and productive partnerships needs to be a priority at every career technical school.

Healthcare Apprenticeship Programs: A Guide for Educators

Perimeter83 Gives Local Tech Startups Access to UAT’s Resources

Written by Sara Klein from an interview with Valerie Cimarossa, Vice President, Marketing & Technology, Chief of Staff, University of Advancing Technology
The University of Advancing Technology is making a difference in the world of technology to the community of Tempe, Arizona and the Greater Phoenix area with Perimeter83. Perimeter83 is a new business-to-business (B2B) workforce development arm of the school and co-working space located on the UAT campus.

Working with Workforce Development

Employer Engagement Adds Significant Value to Career College Curricula, Students and Graduates

By Jennifer Paugh, President, MIAT College of Technology and John Willis, President, MIAT College of Technology
To gain a competitive edge once career college students graduate and pass all required exams, potential employers who are willing and able to adopt a proactive, early-stage recruiting approach can become involved with career colleges in a variety of strategically beneficial ways.

Working with Workforce Development

Beyond the Classroom: Preparing for the Future

By Nancy L. Jones, Senior Director of Student Affairs, Graham Nott, Vice President – Academic Affairs and Koula Foura, Student Affairs Manager, Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.
Concorde Career Colleges found in talking to employers that they were struggling to find employees who not only possessed the knowledge to do the job but also had the soft skills necessary to succeed. Concorde recognized this challenge and took steps to further developed soft skills delivery within their curriculum.

Working with Workforce Development

Assuring Graduates are Prepared for Work and Careers: The Essential Employability Qualities Certification

By Melanie Booth, Ed.D., Executive Director, The Quality Assurance Commons for Higher & Postsecondary Education
Designed in partnership with higher educational programs, students, and employers, the EEQ CERT offers a new approach for assuring and communicating educational programs’ quality, relevance, and value.

Working with Workforce Development

The EEQ CERT: A New Way to Assure and Communicate Program Quality, Relevance, & Value

By Melanie Booth, Ed.D., Executive Director, The Quality Assurance Commons for Higher & Postsecondary Education, reprinted with permission
As a result of the Quality Assurance Commons for Higher & Postsecondary Education’s work – and in partnership with 27 academic programs from 14 institutions across the country – they have designed the Essential Employability Qualities Certification, or EEQ CERT.

Working with Workforce Development