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We Invited Our Marketing Agency to Our Annual Planning. Here’s Why You Should Too.

By Charlie Buehler, Vice President of Marketing, Broadview Education Consortium
Broadview Education Consortium needed to think differently as they prepared for their annual planning meeting. They decided to take the bold step of inviting their outside marketing agency to attend and participate – the result was amazing.

How to Handle Student Complaints – Work the Problem, Dig in the Right Place, and Stay on Target

Career Colleges – Entering a 21st Century Where Industry Certifications and Employment Relevance are Essential

By Gary Carlson, President, gCarlson Inc. and Raul Valdes Pages, CEO, Quantum Educational Services
Re-engineering our schools and offerings will need to include automation, robotics, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, dialysis techs, health information technology, clinical lab techs, health information management, and others. The next step will be to educate for jobs that have not yet been identified.

“Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

Department Announces New Approach to FERPA Enforcement

By Nicolas Michiels, Principal, Education Practice Group, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
The U.S. Department of Education (“Department”) recently announced an important change in the way it will enforce the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”). Instead of opening a formal investigation regarding each valid FERPA complaint the Department will now dedicate investigatory resources to the highest-risk issues and take a less formal, more collaborative approach for other cases.

Surviving (or even Thriving in) an ED Program Review

The Communication Hierarchy – A Major Tool in Generating Referrals

By Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner at Norton Norris, Inc. and Chairman of the Board, Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP)
Everyone knows that gaining a referral from a happy customer or client is a great way to attract new business or prospective students. Generating referrals can be challenging and is best done with planning and always begins with trust.

Filling the Education-Healthcare Pipeline – Panel Perspectives at the UMA 360 Degree Summit

Filling the Education-Healthcare Pipeline – Panel Perspectives at the UMA 360 Degree Summit

By Julene Robinson, Vice Provost of Programs & Academic Affairs, Ultimate Medical Academy
At the recent UMA 360 Summit: Perspectives on Healthcare Innovation, former governor of Massachusetts and Ultimate Medical Academy Executive Chair of the Board of Directors Jane Swift led a panel of local hospital, community, and education experts in a discussion to explore healthcare opportunities and perspectives in an industry experiencing workforce shortages and greater demands from an aging population.

The Communication Hierarchy – A Major Tool in Generating Referrals

Insights and Perspectives on Effective Approaches for Recruiting and Engaging High School Students

By Jennifer Paugh, President, MIAT College of Technology - Michigan and John Willis, President, MIAT College of Technology - Texas
Attracting the attention of high school students takes experience, commitment, tenacity, and creativity. Manufacturing Day. Girls in Aviation Day. Careers in Energy Week. These are just a few examples of recent MIAT College of Technology events that proved to be effective opportunities for meeting and interacting with high school students.

The Communication Hierarchy – A Major Tool in Generating Referrals

New Laws Facing Student Loan Servicers – What Higher Ed Leaders Need to Know

By Benjamin Breitbart, Vice President, TFC Tuition Financing
Several states are enacting new laws that require licensure of student loan servicers and educational institutions need to be aware of each state’s specific requirements. It is critical for schools to keep abreast of the new regulations in order to stay compliant and avoid possible penalties.

Why a Great Financial Aid Person is Worth Her Weight in Gold