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Washington News Brief

By Sharon H. Bob, Ph.D., Higher Education Specialist, Powers Pyles Sutter and Verville, PC
The following Washington career college news brief is a summary of important higher education news originating from Washington D.C.

In Tune with the Market: Bellus Academy Creates CBD Curriculum

By Lynelle Lynch, Owner, Bellus Academy
The research Bellus Academy conducted during the pandemic, suggested that this mainstream moment was an opportune time to launch CBD treatments into our curriculum and in our student salon.

Christopher Lambert: ACCET Positioned Perfectly for Where Higher Education is Going

Written from an interview with Christopher Lambert, Executive Director, ACCET
Christopher Lambert is the new Executive Director of Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). He lays out his plan for moving forward, with a foundation in caring for people as much as caring about the work in addition to utilizing technology to springboard into the future.

Schools Facing Financial Difficulties Should Know the ABC Process is an Alternative to Bankruptcy

By Geoffrey L. Berman and Steven L. Victor, Senior Managing Directors, Development Specialists, Inc.
An ABC is a state law process to liquidate the assets of a business. It is not a bankruptcy, as bankruptcy is governed by federal law. The ABC process exists as an alternative to bankruptcy, will help decision makers, with advice from counsel, choose the best path for addressing specific issues as they arise.

Political Outreach and Community Engagement are Key to Demonstrating Your College’s Value

Written from an interview with Joel A. English, Executive Vice President and Kenneth Cooper Alexander, Chancellor, Centura College, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Tidewater Tech
Career colleges must promote what they are doing on their campuses, and share that message with local, state and federal legislators because those stakeholders have the power to make decisions that impact the sector and students.

What Innovative Career Service Departments Learned From COVID-19

By Micaela Alpers, President – Education Division, Career TEAM
Historically, career services departments have offered one-on-one coaching for time intensive department responsibilities such as resume writing, mock interviews, and job search activities. Innovative institutions have adopted online tools that provide comparable levels of service and offer students the 24/7 access they now expect.