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Knowing Your Responsibility as a Plan Sponsor

By Robert J. Behr, CPA, Senior Manager, McClintock & Associates, PC
There are many responsibilities that a plan sponsor has in order to keep the school’s retirement plan in compliance with the Department of Labor’s rules and regulations. Not only does a plan sponsor need to be familiar with the plan document and manage third-party service providers, the plan sponsor must also communicate with payroll and human resources departments and perform internal recordkeeping and review.

Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on Affordability and Student Loans – Session One

The Re-Positioning of Student Choice

By Ruth Reynard Ph.D., Education Consultant
Student choice now does not only refer to objective selection, but also preference, intention and use. This has direct implication for curriculum design, as well as academic and professional programming and accreditation. Schools must develop instructional designs that move and grow with the moving targets of current technology and global interconnectedness and relevancy.

In Tune with the Market: Bellus Academy Creates CBD Curriculum

Alleviating Campus Issues…Before They Become Crisis

By Kristen Torres, Regional Director of Operations, Pima Medical Institute
If you’ve ever left your institution at night worried about the safety and well-being of your students, employees, and yourself, you are certainly not alone. This article discusses practical, tactical steps to prevent, deescalate, and alleviate situations before they require a crisis team, enabling you and your team to minimize distractions and focus on the success of your students.

Humanity in Our Hands: Educators Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Distance Education Enrollment Continues to Experience Significant Growth

Interview with Dr. Leah K. Matthews, Executive Director, Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
Dr. Matthews discusses how DEAC institutions are successful without utilizing Title IV, trends in distance education, the OIA audit report of Western Governors University and what it means for competency-based distance education, education technologies, among other topics.

Four Areas of Distance Education Best Practices

Should Your Campus Bookstore Sell Books?

By Stuart Grinell, Vice President of Business Development and Ande Jenkins, Senior Director of Business Development, Ambassador Education Solutions
The landscape of the campus bookstore is changing as students look to other sources to purchase print and digital course materials at the best price possible. Yet this doesn’t mean the demise of this on-campus hub, but rather an opportunity to reposition the store itself.

Veteran Alumni Report Positive Experiences at Proprietary Institutions According to New Survey

Leading the Way – How Career Colleges can be the Hero

By Dr. Jean Norris, Chairman of the Board, Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP)
In scanning the higher education landscape, the most relevant opportunity can be found in career and college advising. Career colleges are uniquely positioned to provide meaningful college counseling to a population that needs this service more than any other. To do this ethically and effectively will take education, training and even licensure for those in the admissions profession.

Musings of an Educational Entrepreneur