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5 Steps to Digital Success

By Theresa Miulli, Career Education Consultant, T.M. Speaks
COVID-19 has sent the education sector into a tailspin, challenging hands-on technical programs to get online with a fervor not seen heretofore. In this article, you will move through five steps to assist you in bringing your campus into the digital age.

Summary of Provisions of The Cares Act And Associated Appropriations Language Related to Higher Education – HMBR

Innovative Approaches to Online Student Engagement Outside the Virtual Classroom

By Sharon F. Goldstein, Campus Operating Officer, Online Campus, Berkeley College
Are your online students engaged in co-curricular events and activities outside the virtual classroom? Join Berkeley College as we spotlight innovative approaches to online student engagement and share the program planning roadmap we utilize for both development and continuous improvement.

5 Steps to Digital Success

Distance Education Enrollment Continues to Experience Significant Growth

Interview with Dr. Leah K. Matthews, Executive Director, Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
Dr. Matthews discusses how DEAC institutions are successful without utilizing Title IV, trends in distance education, the OIA audit report of Western Governors University and what it means for competency-based distance education, education technologies, among other topics.

5 Steps to Digital Success