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Reopening MIAT College Campuses with Compliance, Care, and Compassion

By Jennifer Paugh, President and John Willis, President, MIAT College of Technology
Although the reality of this COVID-19 pandemic has hit MIAT College of Technology and peers extremely hard, MIAT is adapting quickly and moving forward while complying with local, state, and federal guidelines.

Lincoln Educational Services Team Rallies Together to Continue Delivering Education to Students

Why Inclusive Access Makes Sense Now More Than Ever

By Michelle Leontis, Vice President of Product Management, Ambassador Education Solutions
Students’ primary course material concerns focus on affordability and accessibility. As a result, schools, publishers and course materials providers are coming together to deliver Inclusive Access programs that ease costs and complexities.

Adaptive Learning 3.0: Increasing the Certification Rates of Aviation Maintenance Students Through Online Technologies

Strong Start – Orienting Students to Success

By Martha Lanaghen, Founder and CEO, The Sparrow Group
Martha Lanaghen worked with a multi-campus college system to evaluate their orientation programs with the hopes of increasing start rates. They identified core fears shared by most students, then changed orientation and early-tenure student services. The result was a 200 basis point improvement in lead to start.

Bellus Academy Launches Student Assistance Program to Support Mental Health and Help Students Navigate Life and Work Challenges

Teletherapy App Provides Students Convenience, Privacy and Choice of Therapist

Written from an interview with Robert M. Keiser, MBA, Executive Director, Southeastern College/Southeastern Institute and Srikanth Santhanam, Senior Vice President, META
In order to combat mental illness among students, faculty and staff, Southeastern College and Southeastern Institute have partnered with the META teletherapy app. The app provides users with convenience and the freedom to choose a mental health therapist who best fits their needs.

Strong Start – Orienting Students to Success

Innovative Approaches to Online Student Engagement Outside the Virtual Classroom

By Sharon F. Goldstein, Campus Operating Officer, Online Campus, Berkeley College
Are your online students engaged in co-curricular events and activities outside the virtual classroom? Join Berkeley College as we spotlight innovative approaches to online student engagement and share the program planning roadmap we utilize for both development and continuous improvement.

Transitioning and Training Ground Students to Become Exceptional Online Students

Beginning to Make Sense of the New Borrower Defense Regulations

By Michael T. Wherry, CPA, McClintock & Associates
The finalized borrower defense to repayment regulations will be making major changes or modifying and clarifying existing rules. With less than a year before they become effective, institutions have some time to plan for their implementation, but preparation should begin now.

The Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Title IX Now

Process Makes Perfect: How the Accommodation Process Supports Students with Disabilities and Safeguards Valuable College Resources

By Jessica High, Attorney and Bryce Young, Attorney, Duane Morris, LLP
Since 2005, disability rights cases have increased by almost 395 percent. Following the same process for every student will always lead to the right result, no matter the facts or situation. While this may not immunize your institution from a complaint or lawsuit, following and documenting a process bolsters your defenses greatly.

The Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Title IX Now