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Managing Employees Through Unemployment, Layoff and Furloughs

By Erica Brune, President, Lever1
What are the differences between unemployment, layoff and furlough and what is best for my company? Lever1’s seasoned HR Director walks through the best course of action to avoid discrimination pitfalls when selecting employees for reduction of work as well as how to manage their unemployment claims and health coverage.

Recalling Employees Back to Work

ESOP – What Owners Need to Know

Interview with Liby Lentz, Vice President/Human Resources Director, Pima Medical Institute
At Pima Medical Institute, our leadership recognized the importance of employees having a stake in the company’s success. Our founder Richard Luebke, Sr. left an incredible legacy, and the creation of the ESOP was one of many ways he showed that he truly cared about not just the education of our students, but the overall success of our employees.

Recalling Employees Back to Work

Evolving Issues in Employment Law: A Look Ahead to 2015

By, Ben DeGweck, Esq., Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Education Corporation of America and Carole Miller, Esq. Patrick Mulligan, Esq. Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C.
As private sector schools continue to face heightened legal and regulatory scrutiny in 2015, management and campus leadership must be aware of the potential liabilities inherent in the employer/employee relationship. In the New Year we expect to see significant changes to employment laws and regulations, and unprepared employers could face legal actions, employee conflicts, or hefty fines.

Recalling Employees Back to Work