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Betsy DeVos’ staff denies rumor she’s leaving education secretary job – WZZM 13

“The rumors are just that…rumors. The Secretary has no plans of stepping down.” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says she’s not going anywhere with Democrats taking control of the U.S. House in January, despite rumors to the contrary. But if she stays, her life is almost certainly going to get a whole lot tougher. On Monday, More Info »

The Hidden Motivations of Prospective Students – New Research

By Shane Sparks, Co-founder, Enrollment Resources
Enrollment Resources recently compiled data from over 125,000 prospective students who had completed a detailed online survey. An analysis of the results has uncovered fascinating insights into career education prospective students, including where they are in the process, their work situation and motivations.


Hidden Requirements for Calculating Graduate Employment

By Bryan M. Westhoff, Shareholder, Polsinelli PC
How do state and federal prosecutors use consent orders to enforce new rules for the way that propriety schools calculate their graduate employment rates? In the absence of any uniform rules for calculating graduate employment rates, many state and federal prosecutors have adopted their own views about which students schools can count as “employed.”

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: Considerations for Higher Education Institutions

Pima Medical Institute and East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) Create a Collaborative Partnership that Benefits Phoenix Area High School Students

By Jen Spurlin, Corporate Director of Education, Pima Medical Institute
Pima Medical Institute has announced a new partnership with the Health Sciences Division of the East Valley Institute of Technology to provide high school students a clear pathway to higher education.

“Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

Career Education: Then and Now

By Steve Gunderson, President & CEO, and Michael Dakduk, Executive VP and Director of Government Relations, Career Education Colleges and Universities
Our sector has an incredible opportunity to influence regulations and legislation that may be here to stay for the coming decade. In March CECU will gather the sector for Hill Day. This is the sector’s opportunity to push Congress toward meaningful HEA reform.

Musings of an Educational Entrepreneur