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Study Abroad Programs are Beneficial for Career Students and Schools

Written from an Interview with Alvin Fowlkes, Business Faculty Member, Coordinator and Director of the Study Abroad Program, ECPI University
ECPI University’s Study Abroad Program helps students recognize and understand differences in culture, customs and traditions. But just as importantly, the program differentiates the college and helps it stand out amongst its competitors.

In Tune with the Market: Bellus Academy Creates CBD Curriculum

Continuing Education Courses, Credentials Make for Better Teachers

Written from an Interview with Dr. Joseph F. Shiver II, Director, Faculty Development, Joint Special Operations University
Continuing education courses and the Certified Higher Education Professional credential help to make faculty better and more creative instructors, which helps to keep students involved and retained.

Humanity in Our Hands: Educators Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education Reform

Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education Reform
By Katherine Brodie, Kristina Gill, Chris Collins, Zach Perlman, Duane Morris LLP, Higher Education Practice Group (Washington, D.C.) This article provides an analysis of the head-spinning, sometimes confounding, and yet hopeful developments we have seen in Washington since the January 2017 start of the 115th Congress and the new Trump Administration.

CECU Sends List of Priorities and Policy Recommendations to President-Elect Biden

Snapchat: Social Media App can Help Colleges Connect With Prospective, Current Students

Written from an Interview with Donna Nicholson, Director of Integrated Media and Content Development, and Sofia Anzalone and Marc Dipasquale, Social Media Coordinators, Berkeley College
Snapchat, a photo- and video-messaging app, allows for short-lived, but fun messages with friends. But Berkeley College officials are finding that it is also an important way to reach out to current and prospective students since it is the network for teens and young adults.

To Understand the Future, We Must Study the Past