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The Communication Hierarchy – A Major Tool in Generating Referrals

By Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner at Norton Norris, Inc. and Chairman of the Board, Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession (AACAP)
Everyone knows that gaining a referral from a happy customer or client is a great way to attract new business or prospective students. Generating referrals can be challenging and is best done with planning and always begins with trust.

A New Strategic Approach to Coaching is Helping Admissions Teams Overcome Post-Pandemic Challenges

ECPI University Becomes one of the First Universities to Issue Degrees Digitally

Written by Barbara A. Schmitz from an interview with Jeff Arthur, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Chief Information Officer, ECPI University
ECPI University became one of the first universities in the nation to issue degrees digitally, providing secure, immediate verification to prospective employers and others. ECPI University’s Jeff Arthur predicts the technology will be “a revolutionary game-changer for higher education by putting ownership of student records into the hands of students.”

Course Materials are Changing: Are You Keeping Up?

CECU CEO Summit – Research Will Tell the Story of the New Sector

Interview with Steve Gunderson, President and CEO, Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)
Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) recently hosted their annual CEO Summit in Las Vegas. In our interview with Steven Gunderson, president and CEO of CECU, he discusses CECU’s commissioned research by Gallup and NDP Analytics, the political environment, the new sector, and goals for 2019.

Career Education Convention Stresses the Importance of Sector Unity

Boost Retention While Building Community – Assess and Improve Institutional Retention

By Elizabeth Keifer Herron, VP - Solutions & Sales, Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions (CARS)
Institutions can improve retention while building community by evaluating key risk factors that increase the likelihood for attrition and then develop a framework to measure and improve student outcomes throughout the student life-cycle.

Retaining Online Students: It Takes a Village