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ECPI University Becomes one of the First Universities to Issue Degrees Digitally

Written by Barbara A. Schmitz from an interview with Jeff Arthur, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Chief Information Officer, ECPI University
ECPI University became one of the first universities in the nation to issue degrees digitally, providing secure, immediate verification to prospective employers and others. ECPI University’s Jeff Arthur predicts the technology will be “a revolutionary game-changer for higher education by putting ownership of student records into the hands of students.”

Dos and Don’ts to Achieve Student Success in Today’s Higher Education Landscape

Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Factors to Predict Student Success

By Larry Banks, Ph.D., Academic Dean and Art Waller, Ph.D., Campus Director, Vista College Online
To improve student outcomes career schools could assess for non-cognitive risk factors, use the data to design student success strategies, and deliberately advise first-generation applicants and students to build confidence.

Boost Retention While Building Community – Assess and Improve Institutional Retention

Surviving (or even Thriving in) an ED Program Review

By Sherry Gray, Dan Brozovic, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
U.S. Department of Education program reviews can demonstrate your institution’s compliance with the Title IV rules and requirements, but they can also lead to significant compliance findings and substantial liabilities. The Department can conduct a program review at any time – are you prepared?

Wary About Clery? On the Frontlines of Title IX?

Assuring Graduates are Prepared for Work and Careers: The Essential Employability Qualities Certification

By Melanie Booth, Ed.D., Executive Director, The Quality Assurance Commons for Higher & Postsecondary Education
Designed in partnership with higher educational programs, students, and employers, the EEQ CERT offers a new approach for assuring and communicating educational programs’ quality, relevance, and value.

Beyond the Classroom: Preparing for the Future

Campus Impossible

By Jeff Akens, Divisional Director of Operations, Success Education Colleges
In the Travel Channel’s show “Hotel Impossible,” host Anthony Melchiorri helps inexperienced hotel owners save their struggling properties by improving in five key areas. In Campus Impossible, Jeff Akens will bring his 25 years of operational experience to show how career college campuses can improve by focusing on the same five areas.

How to Handle Student Complaints – Work the Problem, Dig in the Right Place, and Stay on Target

Faculty Mentorship: a Tool for Student Retention

By Isaiah Vianese, Liberal Arts and Sciences Department Chair and Sandra Monteiro, Assistant Dean of Student Services, Mandl School: the College of Allied Health
Institutions across the country are grappling with declining enrollments, while also wrestling with a renewed focus on student outcomes. In 2017, Mandl School: the College of Allied Health ran a successful Faculty Mentorship project and tracked its effects on student retention rates; resulting in an 11.4 percent rise in student retention rates in two degree programs.

Boost Retention While Building Community – Assess and Improve Institutional Retention

Retention Starts in Admissions

By Theresa Miulli, Campus Director, Compass Rose Foundation
Community builds retention. Without a culture of community, it is likely students will not feel accountable for the completion of their program. Building and implementing retention initiatives into all sectors of your school is necessary when establishing your school community.

Boost Retention While Building Community – Assess and Improve Institutional Retention