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Career Education Review Summer 2023

Dive into this special issue focused on the nursing and healthcare shortage in the U.S. and the vital role of proprietary career schools in easing the shortage and enhancing diversity in the workforce. Within the issue, employers share their perspectives, a successful public-private partnership, and be inspired by the remarkable journeys of individuals who have successfully completed nursing and medical assistant programs at proprietary career institutions.

Career Education Review Spring 2023

Career Education Review’s Top 20 People Changing Career Education

Career Education Review is excited to announce the winners of our Top 20 People Changing Career Education. Chosen by a selection committee of peers, we are thrilled to honor the sector’s leaders of tomorrow — those who have already moved the needle and whose work promises to guide the future path of the sector. These individuals have not only excelled in their chosen professions but have gone above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of students.

Career Education Review Summer 2022

Click this link to Read the Summer 2022 In This Issue Nearly 200 Years of Serving Local Communities and Students ​Career Education Schools Celebrate Major Milestones This year, four career education institutions are celebrating milestone anniversaries and looking back at their growth of offerings, campuses and students since their inception. Combined, these schools have been More Info »

Career Education Review Spring 2022

Click this link to read the Spring 2022 | Issue 2 In This Issue Strong Outcomes at ECPI University Attributed to High Student Engagement Written from an interview with Mark Dreyfus, President, and Jeff Arthur, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Chief Information Officer, ECPI University ECPI is an innovative career college that has high engagement, More Info »

Introducing CECU’s New Podcast – Career Education Report!

In our first episode, Jason sits down with David Wasserman, Senior Editor, U.S. House of Representatives for The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, to discuss and analyze the trajectory of the 2022 midterms and several factors that will influence the outcome. Wasserman shares his expertise on the likely results for the midterms, the impact More Info »

StrataTech Education Group Launches New Electrical Technologies Program to Meet Increasing Electrical Demand Across the Country

From the Brink of Closure to 650 Students: WyoTech’s Resurgence Story

Written from an interview with Jim Mathis, President, WyoTech
On the brink of closure, Jim Mathis, the state, local Laramie community and WyoTech faculty fought to keep the school open. In July of 2018, Mathis reopened WyoTech with 12 students and 12 faculty. In a few short years, WyoTech has grown to 650 students and has plans to expand in the near future.

Transformation is the Required Path Forward for Most Colleges and Universities

Course Materials are Changing: Are You Keeping Up?

Four Ways a Course Materials Platform Helps You Meet Today’s Challenges
By Laura Cavanaugh, Vice President of Sales, Ambassador Education Solutions
Providing easy access to all course materials across all learning models is growing increasingly complex. As schools and publishers strive to overcome challenges with digital content management, integrations, financial controls and compliance, many are turning to a Course Materials Platform. This technology can simplify print and digital content access for students, plus remove the time intensive processes that add stress to internal IT teams and infrastructures, while also eliminating overpayment by schools.

Blockchain: Potential Opportunities for Career Colleges

Veteran Alumni Report Positive Experiences at Proprietary Institutions According to New Survey

By Rachel Tripp, Director of Communications, Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)
A survey, conducted by Hanover Research on behalf of Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU), aimed to help the organization and policymakers learn more about the needs and outcomes of veteran students and veteran alumni who attended a proprietary institution. Respondents reported positive experiences at proprietary institutions in relation to preparation for future success.

Data Shows Career Colleges Fare Well When Compared to Public and Nonprofit Sectors