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Nightingale College Announces New Nursing Program in Dodge City and Manhattan


College expansion aims to alleviate rural nursing shortage in Kansas.

Nightingale College, a fully accredited distance learning nursing college, is pleased to announce the expansion of its nursing programs to Dodge City and Manhattan, Kansas. Local hospitals and health care facilities have partnered with Nightingale College to provide experiential learning, making nursing programs more accessible by allowing learners the flexibility of completing all didactic courses online and attending experiential learning locally.

Rural areas struggle to fill various nursing roles. Kansas is among more than 30 states to join the Nurse Licensure Compact, an agreement that allows nurses from other NLC states to practice in multiple states. Nightingale College seeks to educate homegrown nurses without having to relocate to urban areas by bringing nursing programs to underserved communities. This approach alleviates the nursing shortage and provides nurses that reflect the population of the communities they serve.

“Nightingale College specializes in bringing nursing education to rural communities,” said Blake Halladay, Senior Manager of Partnerships with Nightingale College. “This model allows learners to study in the community they will work in after graduation.”

Nightingale College has no wait list and can equip future nurses with a BSN in as little as 32 months. The College also offers a 100 percent online 12-month RN-to-BSN degree statewide. This post-licensure option fits the busy schedule of working nurses and prepares them for increased options available to nurses with advanced degrees.

Nightingale College creates avenues to accessible nursing programs with its fully accredited distance education associate and bachelor’s degree nursing programs. Supporting the growing need for nurses and providing strategies to combat the nursing shortage, the College’s programs work to not only grow but maintain homegrown nurses with the help of local health care systems. Nightingale College emphasizes graduating future nurses who are confident, competent and compassionate. Since its establishment in 2010 in Ogden, Utah, the College has graduated more than 600 nurses in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. To learn more about Nightingale College, its mission, and programs, visit nightingale.edu.



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