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Legal and Regulatory Issues

Hidden Requirements for Calculating Graduate Employment

By Bryan M. Westhoff, Shareholder, Polsinelli PC
How do state and federal prosecutors use consent orders to enforce new rules for the way that propriety schools calculate their graduate employment rates? In the absence of any uniform rules for calculating graduate employment rates, many state and federal prosecutors have adopted their own views about which students schools can count as “employed.”

A Roadmap to Compliance with the New Title IX Rule

Recent Trends: Limiting Liability for Career Colleges Under the Federal False Claims Act

By Martin M. Loring, Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP
One signature. It is the final act taken by educational institutions to gain access to federal student loans and grants for thousands of students. That one signature, however, may simultaneously expose recipient institutions to allegations of hundreds of millions of dollars in liability.

A Roadmap to Compliance with the New Title IX Rule

How Accommodating is Your College?

By Darren K. Sharp, Partner, Co-leader of the Higher Education Industry Team, Armstrong Teasdale
College students with disabilities are afforded legal rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (§504), including the right to seek reasonable accommodations from their schools to participate and succeed in their academic careers. This article addresses the more common legal accommodations provided under applicable federal statutes.

A Roadmap to Compliance with the New Title IX Rule

Beginning to Make Sense of the New Borrower Defense Regulations

By Michael T. Wherry, CPA, McClintock & Associates
The finalized borrower defense to repayment regulations will be making major changes or modifying and clarifying existing rules. With less than a year before they become effective, institutions have some time to plan for their implementation, but preparation should begin now.

A Roadmap to Compliance with the New Title IX Rule

Process Makes Perfect: How the Accommodation Process Supports Students with Disabilities and Safeguards Valuable College Resources

By Jessica High, Attorney and Bryce Young, Attorney, Duane Morris, LLP
Since 2005, disability rights cases have increased by almost 395 percent. Following the same process for every student will always lead to the right result, no matter the facts or situation. While this may not immunize your institution from a complaint or lawsuit, following and documenting a process bolsters your defenses greatly.

A Roadmap to Compliance with the New Title IX Rule