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Pima Medical Institute Faculty and Students Play Important Role in Passage of SB 106


Bill Requires Licensure to Act as a Veterinary Technician in Montana

DILLON, Mont. (April 21, 2021) –Veterinary Technicians play a critical role in the care of animals. Under the direction of a veterinarian, the job of a veterinary technician involves working with and helping all types of animals. Veterinary technicians use medical knowledge and clinical skills to provide routine and emergency care.

The job of a veterinary technician involves working with and helping all types of animals.

The importance of the role of a veterinary technician prompted Pima Medical Institute and its students to show support in person, and on paper, for Senate Bill 106, which requires licensure to act as a Veterinary Technician in Montana.

In a letter of support for the bill to Representative Alan Redfield, Amy Brown, Pima Medical Institute director of regulatory operations stated, “SB 106 will positively impact animal safety in the state and provide an additional safety net of consumer protection. Inclusion of veterinary technicians and a licensing process for veterinary technicians in state legislation provides the opportunity to ensure consistent education and qualifications of personnel employed in these positions. Public protection through licensure is equally essential for fields where public health may be impacted. As agriculture is the leading industry in Montana, ensuring a well-qualified veterinary workforce is an economic imperative for your state.”

The Bill passed the Montana Senate on April 14, 2021 with a vote of 50 to 0.

Veterinary Technician
Dillon, Montana Veterinary Technician students get hands-on experience in real-world lab classroom.

Pima Medical Institute’s Veterinary Technology Program Director Jan Winderl, DVM, and dozens of her students were instrumental in the bill passage, and showed their support of the bill with their presence and in testimony at the legislative hearings.

“The involvement by our faculty and students in the legislative process was instrumental in paving the way for credentialed veterinary nurses,” said Fred Freedman, president and CEO, Pima Medical Institute. “Thanks to the focused efforts of our team and other proponents, including state legislators, our veterinary partners and the Big Sky Veterinary Association, nurses will be recognized independently via credentialing resulting in higher wages and greater professional respect. There is no question that the level of patient care and safety will significantly improve in Montana.”
Pima Medical, in collaboration with the University of Montana Western, offers a veterinary technician associate degree and a veterinary assistant certificate. Pima Medical offers the only American Veterinary Medical Association accredited program in the state of Montana.

For more information on Pima Medical Institute and the veterinary programs offered at the Dillon, Montana campus, go to pmi.edu.

About Pima Medical Institute

Pima Medical Institute is an employee-owned, private, accredited school dedicated to providing students classroom studies paired with real-world training at medical facilities. Established in 1972, Pima Medical Institute helps students become career ready, focusing exclusively on healthcare professions, including medical, dental, veterinary and nursing fields. Curriculum includes certificate, associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Pima Medical Institute operates 18 campuses as well as an extensive online curriculum. The medical career college has a presence in eight western states with the following ground locations: Albuquerque and Albuquerque West – Rio Rancho in N.M.; Tucson, Phoenix and two campuses in Mesa, Ariz.; Aurora, Denver and Colorado Springs, Colo.; Seattle and Renton, Wash.; Las Vegas, N.V.; Houston, El Paso and San Antonio, Texas; Chula Vista and San Marcos, Calif.; and Dillon, Mont. For more information and a complete list of programs offered at each campus, visit pmi.edu or call 1-888-442-5998.

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