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Waiting for the Seniors to Apply – Inside Higher Ed


Forty-seven percent of all students, and 56 percent of low-income students, have not started applying to colleges yet, says survey of high school seniors.

Forty-seven percent of all high school seniors, and 56 percent of those from low-income families, have not started applying to college, according to a survey of 31,000 seniors by Niche and Tudor Collegiate Strategies. Given that the students were identified through services used for college applications, the news suggests a reason for more colleges to step up outreach to potential students.

Other findings:

  • Students in New England and the West Coast are furthest behind.
  • Forty-two percent of students have not taken a standardized test, and 53 percent of low-income students have not. More than a third — 36 percent — of those who have taken a test still do not plan to submit a score with their application.
  • An overwhelming majority (92 percent) of students are feeling fear or anxiety right now. Their top concern is being able to afford college.
  • A majority of students (56 percent) have attended a virtual event by a college. Of those who have, 79 percent are interested in attending another one.
  • Most students (79 percent) aren’t willing to participate in a virtual event that lasts longer than 45 minutes.

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