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How The 2020 State Elections Affected Higher Education – Forbes


Higher education was on the ballot in one way or the other this year in several states. And even as the count continues for the election of a president, with the final vote and outcome not yet nailed down, the results of state elections and various ballot initiatives involving higher education are now largely known. Here are three areas where there were important developments.

Governors Races

Gubernatorial elections are particularly important for colleges and universities because governors present statewide budgets, from which public two-year and four-year institutions receive their appropriations and from which dollars for statewide scholarship programs are allocated. In addition, in many states, governors appoint the members of the governing boards for public institutions, putting in place the body responsible for final oversight of these schools.

Eleven states elected governors in the 2020 election. Across the nation, the gubernatorial results pointed to remarkable stability in these chief executive offices. This means that the higher education agendas within those states will likely continue what has already been in place.

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